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Dated: Sep. 27, 2004

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They can learn on it, play around with it, and get comfortable with the technology before moving on to a more sophisticated and more expensive system. Don't forget that buying refurbished computers doesn’t mean you’re getting an outdated machine. While computers are forever becoming faster and able to hold more data on larger hard drives, the basics of the computer are still the same. If you just want a home computer to do e-mail, surf the Internet, balance your checkbook, play a few games, and do some word processing, you might want to invest in a refurbished computer.

Refurbished computers are still upgradeable in case you want to add more memory, a larger hard drive, or a faster modem later on. As it was said before, the manufacturers usually give the refurbished computers to different schools as charities. In fact, it is a really good and clever move. After all, this way the students can be educated on a higher level and these schools don't pay for it. And your children will feel better knowing more things about computers and internet. Be careful where you get your refurbished computer.

The advice here is: "Don't buy refurbished computers from local stores". The reason is that you never know whether the computer is legal, or not. Or maybe the salesperson is trying to cheat you. If you really want top buy a refurbished computer, get it from the manufacturer. This way it is safe and legal. These manufacturers often have their own “factory outlet” sites right on the Internet where you can look through the inventory of refurbished models, read system specifications, check out warranties, and see how much you’d be saving versus buying new.

Dell is the best company when it comes to refurbished computers. They have great computers (the internal components are high quality, which is super important), and their customer support and warranties are second to none. Also, this company has excellend refurbished computers at rediculous prices too.

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