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Dated: Jan. 24, 2005

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If one is concerned about security:

1. Use some security software (firewalls) - Compaq has this software for me to use, and I plan to explore this and set it up in my home, but I still do not see this as a major problem yet.

2. Set the network setting to be more restrictive. This is done differently depending on what O/S you are using. NT, Windows 2000 and XP Professional can be made more secure, than Windows 95/98. However, this can also cause protection problems when legitimate users want to share files. There is a fine balance between being secure and being able to use your computers easily.

3. Backup your critical data onto removable media (CD-ROM or Tape) so that you can recover from intrusion or disasters. This is good policy in any case.

One great piece of advice I would give, is to disconnect from the Internet whenever it is not needed. This would make it harder for someone to probe and try and infiltrate your home network.

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