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Dated: Apr. 19, 2005

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Do you know electronics? You need to know the pinouts (and ideally, the schematics) for every chip that goes into a computer, including the CPU, the RAM, the ROM (BIOS), the chipset, and the various other "glue" chips that piece these discrete parts together. You need to know how to make a modem, how to make a monitor, how to make a printer, and how to make a scanner, from nothing more than raw materials like steel, plastic, and sand.

Do you know programing? I don't mean programming in BASIC or even C or Fortran; You need to know bit-level programming, the specifics of how to make a BIOS and an operating system, from scratch, from absolutely no code at all.

Do you know communications? You need to know how IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP, PPP, HDLC, ATM, and Frame Relay work, at the bit-by-bit level.

Until you know all these things, you don't really know computers. Until you can make a whole computer from materials buried in your own backyard, you won't *really* be a computer expert. There's always more to learn out there. The world needs people who can contribute to society as a whole by really understanding how these machines work, and not just bowing to control by a few megacorporations that make the hardware and software that make up the computer. If you want to be a computer techie, you need to learn all you can.

Of course, if you're not a computer person and you just want to be an end-user, well, there are plenty of other fields that need similarly knowledgeable experts too...

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Omkar's Comment
Good article man.
17 Sun Apr 2011
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Pamela's Comment
Interesting Article, I love computers, and I was just wondering in the internet looking for some education about them. i think this website could help. thank u ;)
20 Sat Nov 2010
Admin's Reply:

You're Welcome Pam.

dan p's Comment
I like how you look at things, I know a little tricks on the computer, but i would love to learn the really cool stuff. For example codes and such, where can I go to learn this? Any website?
01 Thu Jul 2010
Admin's Reply:

Sure Dan, try TechiWarehouse.Com

ShAmWoW's Comment
you are officially my internet pal for replying i kno this article must be pretty old ppl from last year have alredy commented soo. thanks for replying lol.
04 Thu Mar 2010
Admin's Reply:

np, glad to help.

ShAmWoW's Comment
yea im the same with gabby, im gonna take computer apps in my sophmore year (highschool) i cant wait to learn about computers its what teens should be interested in, we were born in the compute and electronic age, why not take advantage, right?
04 Thu Mar 2010
Admin's Reply:

you got it

ShAmWoW's Comment
aww that sucks i was hoping to elimina..... prank my freinds computer, lol.
04 Thu Mar 2010
Admin's Reply:

ShAmWoW's Comment
heres my question to you, is it possible to hack a computer by typing in cmd into run im just curious cuz i heard so many rumours like "well u sorta can" and others like "no way its impossible" so tell me, can u or cant u?
11 Thu Feb 2010
Admin's Reply:

Yes, We Can!

I'm so glad you asked me this. But here's a question back to you.

What exactly do you consider hacking in the first place?

If it's the usual stuff you see in movies, it's hollywood. Real hacking means to be able to make use of system or a device (gizmo) in a way in which it was never intended (my own definition). And usually it takes form of using network systems to take control of resources in which it was never intended.

So as, to your question, my answer will be Yes. You can make use of the cmd promt to perform certain actions that are built into the OS but were not intended to be performed in such ways. But if you mean, can you take over a friends computer in the other part of town by simply using CMD utitlity from you XP or Vista, then the answer is no. (but you can come close )

gabby's Comment
i think this is a great site im studying ict and im going on to work in RM with my father carnt wait love everythink about computer's
19 Tue Jan 2010
Admin's Reply:

Wow Gabby...Wow. So much potentials ahead of you. Take life by the horns. Good Luck!

23 Mon Nov 2009
Admin's Reply:

Really? Which part sucks the most?

im simple
03 Tue Nov 2009
Admin's Reply:

Hehe Me Too

ENNE, A JOSEPH's Comment
i really wish to be authoritative on computer programs by quick learning. how can i achieve that at my door step?
02 Mon Nov 2009
Admin's Reply:

Enne, to be very honest. I've seen Lynda videos to be the prime learning experience.


raghunadhan's Comment
to know about computers
19 Mon Oct 2009
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