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Dated: Jun. 10, 2005

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Tip 4

Run as little as possible. Do you really need to have five different applications open at once? Sure, it's convenient, but they'll squabble like naughty children over resources, and they increase the frequency of page faults (i.e., memory accesses that force the system to retrieve virtual pages from disk instead of from RAM).

Tip 5

Don't be a beta booby. Public releases are all the rage, but remember: "Beta" means "buggy." If you have a compelling reason to test some beta software, install it on a system you don't need for productivity. To do otherwise is like pasting a "Crash Me" sticker on your back.

Tip 6

Buy good hardware. A brand-name motherboard , no matter where it is made, is more reliable than a cheap generic one, and the cost difference isn't huge. Spend a few dollars more on things like cooling fans and power supplies. Buy the kind of SIMMs your motherboard supplier recommends. Buy good cables. Little things matter.

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i want to no more about severs
09 Thu Aug 2012
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Read my friend. Go to our Windows Server pages and read.

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im very much intrested in networking can any 1 help me for it
02 Sat Jul 2011
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Anyone Anyone? Bueller.....bueller?