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Dated: Jun. 10, 2005

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Tip 7

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Stable systems are stable because they don't change much. (Duh.) Don't upset a system by endlessly tinkering with it - unless tinkering is your hobby or you get paid to write about your adventures, as Jerry Pournelle does.

Tip 8

Run diagnostic programs. This is especially important if you've been suffering from system-stopping crashes because each calamity is sure to leave broken files and other debris on your disk. You can use the diagnostics that came with your system (the disk tools included with Windows and the Mac aren't bad) or a third-party utility.

Tip 9

If it's broke, fix it. When a system keeps crashing, don't shrug it off. If a particular program seems to be the problem, look for patches on the publishers web site. If there aren't any patches, consider upgrading to a newer version of the software or reverting to an older version. You might even consider switching products. If your system crashes for no apparent reason, try a diagnostic and repair utility, such as Fist Aid Deluxe, Norton Utilities, or RealHelp. If you're desperate, try Tip 3.

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i want to no more about severs
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Read my friend. Go to our Windows Server pages and read.

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im very much intrested in networking can any 1 help me for it
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Anyone Anyone? Bueller.....bueller?