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Dated: Sep. 13, 2004

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Some also didn't like the idea of paying 2.5 to 5% of the transaction. The credit card companies do not allow a seller to pass on the expense directly to the buyer; the cost must be spread across all customers whether or not they use credit cards. Didn't seem fair to us.

When you recieve the pro forma invoice from sellers' there will be two links on it. One will let you pay from your bank account (this one is at no extra charge) and the other will accept your credit/debit card amounts (we must add 2.9% plus $.30 to each transaction).

Here's what PayPal says about their service:


Did you know you can email money with is a service that lets users send money to anyone with an email address. Use to settle restaurant tabs with colleagues, pay friends for movie tickets, or buy a baseball card at an online auction - all with the click of a mouse! PayPal charges the money to an existing credit card or bank account. It's faster, safer and easier than mailing a personal check.

As soon as you sign up and register your credit card, PayPal will automatically send you $5! I recently signed up for PayPal and got my $5 bonus right away. Signing up is quick, easy and you can download the money to your bank account at any time.

There are some new requirements for sign-up and referral bonuses:

To offer greater security to existing members, PayPal has decided to change the qualifications necessary for receiving a sign-up bonus.
New members who sign up will need to verify a bank account with PayPal (in addition to confirming their email address) in order to receive their $5 Sign Up Bonus.
Referral bonuses will still be awarded to members who refer a new user who signs up and a)confirms an email address and b)registers a credit card OR verifies a bank account.

By having new members verify their bank account status, Paypal can insure a greater degree of security for your PayPal account and your exchange with other members within the network.

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