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Dated: Aug. 28, 2004

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Perl Programming

Paths in Perl

Different Operating Systems use different characters as their path separator when specifying directory and file paths:

foo/bar/baz # *nix uses a /
foobarbaz # Win32 uses a
foo:bar:baz # Mac OS 9 uses a :
foo/bar/baz # Mac OS X uses a / (usually!)

In Perl you can generally just use a / as your path separator (except on Mac OS 9, thanks Hanamaki). Why? Because Perl will automagically convert the / to the correct path separator for the system it is running on! This means that coding Windows paths like this

Paths in Perl

$path = "foobarbaz";

is not required. You can just use this:

$path = "/foo/bar/baz";

and things will be fine. In fact using can be problematic, but you probably already know that :-)

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