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Dated: Nov. 20, 2004

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By Vlaurie

If it is an obsolete but perfectly serviceable machine that is being considered, there are a variety of possible dispositions to consider.

Some may choose to fill up a closet or other storage area with their old machines with the idea of using them as backup. That was my rationale for keeping an old 400 MHz machine in my closet for a year. Actually I had a better backup with an external hard drive and my laptop was available if my new desktop had failed so the PC in the closet was a bit of a waste. (Also, my wife frowned on the idea since we don't have all that much room anyway.) The more ambitious can take the old machine out of the closet and put it to work several ways. Those who have home networks can set up an old machine as a file server. Another use might be to provide a high-security firewall, perhaps using Linux.

All in all, however, the typical home PC user is probably going to want to find a way to usefully dispose of an old machine. Some may want to consider selling the system. However, prices for brand new systems have come down to the point where I do not personally think the bother of selling is worth the small amount of money involved. If you are interested in selling, go to Ebay and see what your type of system is bringing. Another option is to give the PC to a relative or friend who is willing to accept hand-me-downs. Even quite old machines are capable of doing most, if not all, applications that the average person uses. However, new machines are sufficiently inexpensive that using obsolete equipment is not as attractive as it once was. I know that my grandchildren would feel put upon if they did not get a new Dell or new HP or new something. There are, however, many less fortunate people who would be happy to receive an older machine and here are some ways to donate an obsolete but still functional machine to a place that will make good use of it.

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