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Dated: Nov. 20, 2004

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Guidelines For Giving Away

As a rough rule, any computer much over five years old will probably not interest many possible recipients. Most require a Pentium or Pentium II or the equivalent. Old 486s are probably destined to be scrapped. Generally, a complete system is desired so all the peripherals such as keyboard and mouse should be included. If available, include all the manuals and instruction sheets that came with the computer.

Recycling Reusing Old Computers

There are some tricky points about the operating system and software on any system that you give away. Be aware of software licensing rules. Microsoft in particular takes a very hard line on enforcing its EULA although they do provide a special charity license and have a program for providing non-profit refurbishers with copies of Windows 98 or Windows 2000. The operating system and any other installed software that stays on the computer should be accompanied by the installation disks and manuals. Keeping copies for your own use probably violates the licensing agreement. Check to see if your computer is going to be used as is or is going to be refurbished. Many organizations reformat the hard drive and install their own software, in which case it's possible that you retain the software licenses. OEM licensing can be murky, however, and may be permanently tied to one particular system.

Make sure that any confidential files or personal information is removed. There are many stories about people who have obtained used computers and found the hard drive to be full of sensitive information about the previous owner. Even if the machine is going to a refurbisher, the safest thing is to remove anything personal. My procedure is to reformat the disk and then, if needed, reinstall the operating system and any other software. If your data are especially sensitive, there are more drastic measures. A low-level format or use of a utility like Norton Wipe Info will overwrite the disk. More information on cleaning up can be found here.

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