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Dated: Sep. 23, 2006

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Company, School Try To Mend Rift

With the passing years, relations between Stanford staffers and Cisco improved, and the company and its leaders -- including Cisco chairman John Morgridge and others with a Stanford connection -- have made substantial donations. But some strong feelings remain among a few.

In 1995, Morgridge gave a talk at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center in which he ran through the origins of the company, relying heavily on the legend of Bosack and Lerner's role. In the back, a man stood and declared Morgridge's account "almost entirely a fabrication." It was Les Earnest. He added, "Bosack's resignation was not entirely voluntary."

"We have been remorseful," said Morgridge, drawing a laugh from the audience. "We know that we owe a considerable debt to that institution."

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