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Dated: Nov. 29, 2011

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Windows 7

By Game Master Rha


I figure I can't be the only Gamer/coder out there that doesn't still want to run this program. I know there are better Macro creating options out there but the ease and speed/price of this program I've used since 1997 and I'm hoping someone knows how to get it to run in Windows 7.
I'm updated with the latest updates for the OS and I've run through the troubleshooting program. If I set it to "The program additional permissions" it will actually start the program and I get the prompt to let the program make changes etc. etc. (Yes I have it set to tell me every minute detail :) but as soon as I try to create a macro using the remember mouse and keyboard option I get the message, "Unable to Set the Hook".
I got further with an very older version of EZ Macro's initially but after running the trouble shooter I ended up in the same spot.EZ Macro Not Working in Windows 7?
If I just make a clean install and run the program I get the message "The server returned a Reference" (Not exactly what it said but very close).
Does anyone have a line on how to get this program to install. After purchasing a second computer I don't want to throw down 30-90 dollars for a macro program that probably does more than I need and will run ten times more memory than this older program.
On the site (AmericanSystems EZ Macro's) the 5.1 version is the newest and the one I'm running.
Thanks in advance if anyone does know what to do.


I got my EZ Macros to work on Windows 7 this way.

1. Go to Control Panel > User Accounts > Change User Account Control Settings (UAC).

2. Once there, move the slider to Never Notify.

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