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Dated: Feb. 20, 2010

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Compilation by Jeecom Systems

Table of Contents

  1. Lesson 1
    1. Hardware and Software differences
    2. What is DOS?
    3. Why You Need DOS
    4. Set the Date and Time
    5. Check the Date and Time
  2. Lesson 2
    1. Directory Command
    2. Scroll Through the Directory Listing
    3. Pause a Directory Listing
    4. View a Wide Listing of Files
    5. Recall a DOS Command
    6. Print a Directory Listing
    7. Check for a Single File
    8. Check for a Group of Files
    9. List Files with the Same Extension
    10. Clear the Screen
  3. Lesson 3
    1. Create a DOS File
    2. Copy a File
    3. Copy a File with a New Extension
    4. Type a File with DOS
    5. Rename a File
    6. Rename a Group of Files
  4. Lesson 4
    1. Create a Subdirectory
    2. Move to a Subdirectory
    3. Set the DOS Prompt
    4. Move to the Parent Directory
    5. Copy a File into a Subdirectory
    6. Copy a Group of Files into a Subdirectory
    7. List Files in a Subdirectory
    8. List Files in the Root from the Subdirectory
    9. Select the Directory List
    10. List Subdirectories
  5. Lesson 5
    1. Delete a Single File
    2. Delete a Group of Files
    3. Delete all Files in a Subdirectory
    4. Remove a Subdirectory
  6. Lesson 6
    1. Format a Floppy Disk
    2. Change the Default Drive
    3. Diskcopy Command
    4. Copying a File from the Hard Drive to a Floppy

Before you begin this tutorial, please make sure that your prompt is C:\> If it is not, please do the following:


  1. Type: c:
  2. Type: cd..

This should place you into the C:\> working directory.

NOTE: DOS is not case sensitive; therefore, a command can be entered in with CAPITAL LETTERS, lower-case letters, or a MiXtuRe of the two.

Hardware and Software Differences

There are two parts to a computer system, the hardware and the software. Hardware refers to the physical components of a computer. An example of hardware components would be the monitor, keyboard and mouse. Software represents the programs which contain a set of instructions written to perform a certain task on the computer.

What is DOS?

DOS stands for Disk Operating System. DOS controls the computer’s hardware and provides an environment for programs to run. This system program must always be present when working with your computer.

Why You Need DOS

There are a variety of reasons why you need DOS. A few of them are listed below to satisfy your curiosity.MS DOS

  1. DOS controls the flow of information between you and the computer (translator).
  2. DOS allows you to store information on your computer.
  3. DOS allows you to retrieve information stored on your computer.
  4. DOS interprets and translates the software you have on your computer.
  5. DOS gives you access to all its function (i.e. saving, copying, and printing files).

Set the Date and Time

Most computers on campus have an internal clock that will automatically set the date and time for you when you turn the computer on. However, if your computer does not have this feature or your computer has two floppy drives, you will need to do the following steps to set the date and time.


  1. Type the date like this: 1-15-97
  2. Press the return key (enter key).
  3. Type the time like this: 8:46
  4. Press return.
  5. Notice that the C:\> prompt will appear.

DOS marks the date and time on everything you do. It is important to periodically check the date and time if you have an internal clock to see if it is correct. If you have a two floppy system, it is important to enter the correct date and time when you turn the computer on.

NOTE: Baynan sets the date and time for you automatically when you Login.

Check the Date and Time

DOS will let you check or change the date and time once it has been set. The procedure to do this is as follows:


  1. Type: date and press return.
  2. If the correct date is displayed, simply press return. If the date is incorrect, type the correct date and press return.
  3. Type: time and press return.
  4. If the correct time is displayed, simply press return. If the time is incorrect, type the correct time and press return. 

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