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Dated: Aug. 13, 2004

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Microsoft Internet Explorer

By DougGee

Microsoft has designed Internet Explorer to make it easier for you to get the most from the World Wide Web. Using what they call "Built-in IntelliSense technology”, Internet Explorer (commonly called IE) can automatically complete Web addresses and forms for you as well as automatically detecting your connection status. Easy to update and packed with user-friendly features, Internet Explorer is estimated to have captured a 70% share of the browser market worldwide.

Navigation Aides

  • Clicking on the Search button on your toolbar opens a small window where you can type words or phrases to describe what you are looking for. You have the option of keeping this window open to continue your search or closing it if your searchhas produced the desired results. Additionally, you can use the address bar for searching. Once keywords or phrases are entered, IE will display a list of likely Web sites.
  • A list of similar address will appear when you begin typing a Web address in the Address Bar. You can choose from among these addresses or complete the address you started. If you type a URL incorrectly, IE will display a list of similaraddresses and provide you the option of searching for the correct site.
  • Clicking the History button will display a searchable list of websites you have visited recently. You also have the choice of viewing the list by date, alpha, most often visited, and most recently visited.
  • Finding movies, news, music and radio is made quick and easy by clicking on the Media button. Chose a category and IE will assist you to find entertainment that suits your lifestyle.

Internet Explorer 6


  • Your Start Page, the page the first appears when you open your browser, can be easily changed to your favorite Web site by clicking on Tools > Internet Options.
  • Web pages you frequently visit can be added to your Favorites list for fast and easy access. The shortcuts can be organized into folders and the order that is best suited to your needs.
  • Web based forms can be filled in easily with the AutoComplete feature. Start typing and a selectable list of previously used entries will appear. Useful for Web sites requiring usernames and passwords, this feature can be disabled if security is a concern.
  • Toolbars can be hidden, added, or customized by using the drop-down View menu. If you add more buttons or features than can be displayed, a set of double arrows will allow you to access the expanded menu.
  • If you browse sites in other languages, IE can update your computer with the character sets needed to view these sites correctly.

Privacy and Security

  • Content Advisor allows you to decide what type of sites can be viewed on your computer and to restrict sites that may beinappropriate for members of your family.
  • Using the built-in Privacy and Security features accessed through the Tools menu can help protect your computer and your personal information. Several zones of both privacy and security are available and making a selection willdisplay features and restrictions of that level.

Additional information about IE can be accessed by using the help menu or by going to

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10 Sat Sep 2011
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 Well Aslam

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good,try to make better than this
27 Thu May 2010
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