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Dated: Sep. 20, 2012

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Summary: This article brings to light the top most effective applications for the iOS. It provides a brief description of each application, along with reasons why it is amongst the most popular apps in its own field.

iOS has been governing the markets since its entry into the market. Each day brings in a new application that further increases its popularity.Apple has had a long history of being the blue eyed kid on the block. This results in a massive demand for iPhone and iPad applications. Also, since Apple allows only selective apps in its iTunes Gallery, it ensures that the apps are of high quality. This is why the most preferred iOS developers can be really expensive.Following is a list of the most effective apps for iOSthis year!

C4 Paralympics

The Olympicswere the year’s most sensational news. Channel 4 created this unique app that included live text commentary, videos of highlights from each day, and news, schedules and results. This app is probably the most effective way of tracking the Olympic Games real time.  This is not the only thing. The iPad version also enables the viewers to stream live videos!Kudos to the team that created this iPad app!

Ladybird: I'm ready for Phonics

Have a toddler at home? Well this application is just the right one for you.Penguin Books' has launched this latest app which aims at helping toddlers around the age of 5 years to 6 years to learn phonics. It is made with the help of experts in this particular discipline and offers 12 separate levels of tests for phonemes, graphemes and difficult words.After having created this iPhone app, it has been tested in schools. Ladybird also has a phonic system guide index for parents.


This app is carefully designed to function as your personal trainer. This application caters to people of any level of fitness and gives a unique gymming experience. It ensures that your fitness routines are fixed and it matches your other habits.It is extremely user friendly and gives a workoutschedule for up to8 weeks.

Best iOS apps 2012

This unique app also includes a fitness plan option. This is what sets it apart from other fitness apps. Users can specify their fitness goals like weight loss, toning, strength, or bulk gaining, and this app will guide you through your exercise. It also allows you to particularly point out which muscles you want to pay attention to, how many sessions you want in a week etc.

Kodiak PHP

Why should programmers feel left out? This application is specifically meant for programmers. It helps in running any PHP code on the iPad itself. It therefore gives a way of writing and editing PHP with great syntax highlighting and enhanced on screen keyboard options for the coders. It also comprises of a file manager that provides the necessary export functions.


Love Indian food but don’t know how to cook? Well here’s this amazing app, straight from the lap of the land of spices. This app features over 280 Indian recipes that are easy to cook. It provides a detailed methodology with pictures so that people with no cooking experience too can pick up the ladle and indulge in delightful cooking. The app is extremely user friendly because it allows you to jump to recipes alphabetically. You can use the sidebarto get anywhere quickly. The design is very simple and genuine offering easy and intuitive navigation. Once downloaded, this app does not require any internet connection to surf through the apps as it works in offline mode.

IWeather Complete Pro

"IWeatherComplete Pro" is anextremely interactive iPhoneapp that helps people gaugesthe weather of the whole world with an easy flick of the finger.There are various tabs in the app that allow you to check the current weather. You can see the current temperature, wind direction, humidity levels, the dew point, wind temperature and an Ultra Violet index. It also features an inbuilt Barometer. Things like visibility too can be checked on this app, for anywhere in the world.

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