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Dated: Aug. 28, 2005

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This is something that can come in handy for those of you who are simply curious about internet backbone speeds.


DS0: 64Kbps
DS1/T-1: 1.544Mbps
DS1C/T-1C: 3.152Mbps
DS2/T-2: 6.312Mbps
DS3/T-3: 44.736Mbps
DS3D/T-3D: 135Mbps
DS4: 274.176Mbps
E-1: 2.048Mbps
E-2: 8.448Mbps
E-3: 34.368Mbps
E-4: 139.264Mbps
E-5: 565.148Mbps
OC-1: 51.84Mbps
OC-3: 155.52Mbps
OC-12: 622.08Mbps
OC-24: 1.244Gbps
OC-48: 2.488Gbps
OC-192: 10Gbps
OC-256: 13.271Gbps
OC-768: 39.813Gbps

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02 Wed Nov 2011
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