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Dated: Jun. 10, 2005

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Tip 1

Install as little software as possible. You'll have fewer software conflicts, an easier-to-manage system, and more disk space available for your own stuff. Unfortunately, this advice clashes with the reason why computers were invented in the first place: to run software.

Tip 2Crash Proofing Your Computer

Install more RAM. Yeah, everybody says it, but its true. If you can't stop buggy programs from leaking memory, you can at least give them more memory to leak. How much RAM do you need? According to a scientific survey of experts, you always need n + 16 MB, where n equals the amount of RAM you have now.

Tip 3

Periodically flush your system. One of the surprising things BYTE learned while researching this article is that an apparently large number of users reformat their hard drives and reinstall all their software on a fairly regular basis. Even some companies do it. Some do this as often as twice a year. It seems drastic, but they claim it significantly improves reliability and performance.

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i want to no more about severs
09 Thu Aug 2012
Admin's Reply:

Read my friend. Go to our Windows Server pages and read.

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im very much intrested in networking can any 1 help me for it
02 Sat Jul 2011
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Anyone Anyone? Bueller.....bueller?