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Dated: Nov. 05, 2013

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Networking In General

Today we are going to talk about multihoming networks. They are a way to share a few connection into external network. There is also a way to increase your network speed by using multihoming.

There are a few ways to share two connections in one network. But, this can be pretty difficult to set up.

Multi-Homing Dialup Network Connections

Multihoming is present on the scene for quite some years now. It was used in XP which then increased the speed of the connection. This is usually called a shotgun modem.

Multi-Homing Broadband Routers

If you install a router that is designed for this it is considered probably the best and most direct way to use 2 speedy connection on one network. There types of routers usually have a few WAN interfaces that are used for Internet links. They will deal with load balancing and other things automatically.

But, you will see them much more often in business as they are designed for them, not for homes because they are pretty complex and can be difficult to set up. There is also a lot of work to be done in maintenance and this can pose a problem too. The costs are pretty high as well.

Broadband Multi-Homing Without a Router

People who are a bit more adept in these things may want to create their own multihoming system and not buy a router. If you want to do this you will have to install a few network adapters and create scripts that will manage those networks for you. NIC bonding can help you here.

Partial Multi-Homing Solutions

Windows and Mac OS X are equipped with limited multihoming support. There are basic options and you don't need to buy anything or know a lot about this.

If you have OS X or Windows you can set up a few Internet connection and let them manage it. But, there is no load balancing in these Systems.

Windows will allow you to manage a level of multihoming that is going on on your network. If you have an outdated Windows you will need to install a few network adapters to fully use multihoming, and in new versions you don't need to do that.

And at the end if you happen to install 2 broadband routers that have their unique subscription you will be able to use two connections, but on different devices. There is no possible way to coordinate bandwidth between two computers in normal routers.


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