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Dated: Nov. 16, 2012

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Delphi Programming

This article could be useful for those who are going to start programming for Windows platform and doubt with a language to learn.

Let’s start with the difference: C++ is a programming language when Delphi is a programming environment.

Why we compare Delphi and C++?

For today these are the most common languages for development of high performance Windows-based applications. We don’t talk about Visual Basic because its performance is significantly inferior capabilities of both languages.

Pluses of C++

  • Most modern operating systems like Unix, DOS and, of course, Windows are written in this language;
  • C++ is very fast and gives programmer vast array of opportunities.

C++ programmer can easy learn programming using the API Win32, thus gain access to the opportunities provided by the (API) Windows95 (98) application programming interface and Windows NT. Java is based on this language. Programming in C++ is a sign of high-level quality. Of course it is depending on programmer.

Delphi Vs. C++Complexity asa C++ speed fee

  • C++ is very complicated for learning and using. Programmer must exactly know the details of languages: strings are represented by arrays not by separated type. Hence is a complexity of transactions with any of them.
  • Debugging process of written in C++ programs takes longer, there liability of the code is poor(especially if it is written by newbie). Even professional soften have difficulty with debugging of large, complex programs.

Delphi advantages

Delphi is Object Pascal based language. Pascal has many types and classes that allow full use of programming abilities in Windows. Almost everything that can be created using C++ is realizable by Object Pascal. Written in Delphi software is clearer, easier to understand and more reliable than written in C++ thanks to the simplicity and better structuring of the Pascal. Delphi has powerful tools for easy creation of the applications related with databases. That become the greatest advantage of this language.

Delphi drawbacks http

C++ is a system language. Its syntax is distinctly different from the similar Pascal’s. Usage of convenient Pascal makes difficult interaction with the operating system. This is a serious drawback. It doesn’t mean you can’t work with the API but causes difficulty. Summarizing, both languages have their positive and negative sides. If you know Pascal you should start with Delphi, it will help you to feel comfortable with the difficult task of creating Windows-based applications. Then move to C++, which will help to domesticate the "inside" environment of Windows and will prepare you to work with Java network technologies. Good luck!

Author’s Bio: Andrew Smith is a Software Developer at QArea Company, writer, professional blogger, and social media enthusiast. QArea is Software Development Outsourcing Company.

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