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Dated: Nov. 25, 2013

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Networking In General

Using lag switches

Usually online gamers will use devices called lag switches. Lag switches are used to intercept the signals from the network and then cause huge delays which then affects other players in a way that is virtually impossible to play. Either way, don't play with lag switch users and everything should be fine.

Overloading routers

If you overload a network router is not strange that it clogs up (overloading as in to many clients using that one router). If you do see an overloaded router, the lag will be very big. The solution to this problem is simple, either buy a more efficient router, or add new one. Also, in a home network a big strain on the router will also cause lag. By big strain we mean numerous big downloads going on at the same time and so on.The causes of lag

Too much strain on client devices

If you own a slow or outdated computer or any other client device it can also be a reason for lag. Also, if you have a powerful computer but have too many demanding programs it will cause lag. Bad, overusing programs can take up your whole CPU, keep that in mind if your Solitair is glitching.

Viruses and malicious programs

Computer viruses have a really bad effect here. They can take up all your network traffic, and then can also cause huge lag by overloading your computer. As we always say, security is absolutely essential. Firewalls, antivirus programs and other protection is a must!

Using Ethernet

A good thing to do is to start using Ethernet because, although the benefit it small, it will speed up your network and there is a higher degree of safety because you are using a closed network in cables and nobody can break in, and also interferences that cause big lag can't happen.


Although a bad thing, the number in which lag is perceived as unwanted vary. The common measure of lag is somewhere between a 50 and a 100 milliseconds. If you are using the Internet to surf, or to read you won't have a huge problem with a bit of lag, but let's say you are playing a fast paced online multiplayer game, in that case it will bother you a lot. In order to avoid problems with lag there are certain steps you should follow. You can read them listed above, and you can also see the first part of this guide here What usually causes Lag? and completely avoid lag on your network. We hope these articles helped you in understanding lag a little bit better and to avoid it in the future.

You can check how much lag you have by visiting the site Pingtest.


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