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Dated: Nov. 14, 2013

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Network Security

Changing Router Passwords

You should always change your routers default password. That is a must. It is because the generic router passwords can be found all over the Internet. This information can be found by hackers and they could use it to break into your router and cause you a lot of problems.

If you want to do this you need to log in to the router, create a new password and that is it. Just make sure you choose a password that is not easily guessable.Password recovery- router reset

Recovering Forgotten Router Passwords

If you don't log on to your router a lot you will eventually forget your password. It is obvious that you won't just be able to see your password. There are two ways to get your password back if you have forgotten it.

There are some third party tools that are called Password Recovery tools that can bring back your password. It may happen that you need Windows, but it is not always the case. They use math to get your password back. This sounds really complicated, and believe us, it is so we won't go very deep into that. There is is also something called a cracker which is often used by hackers. The time needed to get the password back depends on a lot of factors. A Router Pass View can also be used. It works in a way that it scans your router to find old password backups or some clues of which the password might be. They are not very good, as they don't a high success rate.

A hard reset is also a possibility. You can do this by resetting your router. This way wipes your entire router clean and then you can choose a new password. There are a few different sets of rules by which this is done, but it always involves turning the router on and off. You can use the 30 30 30 rule, but it doesn't always work as it may be incompatible with some routers.

If you just reset your router it is called a soft reset and it basically doesn't do anything. You need to perform extra steps to do a hard reset. But be ware. The hard reset, as we said before, wipes your ENTIRE router. By that we mean everything such as your passwords, key and every single thing.

These steps are pretty easy to do and they don't take up much of your time. You can use the software we stated if you want to recover a password, and if you just want a new one do a hard reset.

Check out this text for more details about how to reset your router. Router reseting.


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