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Dated: Dec. 12, 2012

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LG has recently made the new IPS7 monitor series available for testing, more precisely the 27 inch model that is called IPS277L. We are going to give more info, measures and our opinion here.

Before all, this FullHD premium model brags about it's Cinema Screen design, but we will review it later in the text. The monitor comes pre-calibrated but has also got a colorimeter and if you want even more accurate calibration, it comes with an LG True Color Finder software. There is also a very useful thing called a MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) compatibility for connecting with smartphones or tablets.

A monitor with a diagonal this big used to cost a lot of money, but we are glad that they are getting more affordable and available to a wider group of people. The thing that we are also delighted about is the fact that the market is no longer flooded with low qualityTN panels, but instead of them there are numerous high quality IPS models with attractive prices.

The LG Flatron IPS277L is one of those models that offer good quality to price ratio. As you can see from the models name, it is a IPS panel type, and it's diagonal is 27 inches. This model possesses LED background lighting, that provides a maximum brightness of 250 cd/m2.In this diagonal the 2560x1440 resolution is often used, but for that version you need to spend a bit more money. The IPS277L model offers a bit more “modest” FullHD 1920x1080 screen resolution, 8 – bit color depth, 1000:1 static contrast and 5 millisecond response time (Gray to Gray), which will be enough for casual gaming.

If you have entered this models name into Google search, it is likely that you've read about the frame depth “affair”. The main misconception was created when LG stated that the frame is 1.2 millimeters thin, which is not true. It is true that there is plastic on the screen that is that width, but there is also a inconspicuous black part that is 11 millimeters wide, which makes it a 12 millimeters wide. This is actually not that bad, but the problem is that the promotional monitor photos were misleading and represented the frame as thinner than it really is.

LG has made a withdrawal process of the mistake in the advertisement material and the correction of the mistake.

Now that we are done with that, let's talk about how the monitor is in reality. As you can see on the picture above, when the monitor is off really seems that the panel stretches from the edges of the monitor and it looks beautiful. We have seen a similar thing in LG Tvs, so this monitor uses the same Cinema Screen design. The bottom edge is the only thing you can see in standby mode. The screen has a matte color because of the anti reflexive coating.

LG Flatron IPS277LLG Flatron IPS277L detail On the bottom edge you can see the monitor controls, that come in a touch screen form. Under the Power sensor is a plastic part that glows orange when the monitor is active. Besides the 12 millimeter frame, the width of the monitor itself is 14.1 millimeters, which is pretty thin.

The rack of the LG IPS277L model is fixed, so you can't change the horizontal angle or the height of the screen. The thing that you can change is the inclination, that can go from -5 to 20 degrees. Even though from a distance it appears to be made from a glossy black plastic, it's actually rough and has a parallel curve line stripe. The rack offers a strong base for the monitor, so we haven't noticed any instability. The number of connections this monitor possess is modest, because on the back of the monitor we have :

  • External power supply
  • HDMI entrance
  • HDMI (MHL) entrance
  • D-SUB (VGA) entrance
  • 3.5mm entrance for headphones

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