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Dated: Aug. 19, 2004

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Photoshop Graphics Suite

By Nfamus-Design

Open up a car image in Adobe Photoshop. Make any modifications to the car now. Also make sure that the image has a driver in it or the window tint dark so you can see inside the car.

Now take the Polygon Lasso tool and select the wheels. Select the whole lot including the tires.

Click Filter- Blur- Radial Blur and select Spin. Play around with the settings until you get something you like.

Now select around the car.

Now right click and select- Select Inverce and hit Filter- Blur- Motion Blur. Play around untill you get something you like!

Now in other images with lighter window tint, you may find that only the outside is moving. You will need to repeat the last 2 steps to the inside of the windows.


Motion Blur

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