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Dated: Nov. 29, 2013

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Technological Advances

You may have heard the term IT before. If you don't know what it means, it stands for Information Technology and it is used everywhere in the world.

Modern information technology

Information technology is mostly referred to as consisting out of three main parts. Those three parts are decision support, business software and computational data processing. Those three terms were first mention in a Harvard article. That article is usually considered to be the birthplace of modern IT. They were working on the go and by doing so set the foundation for modern information technology. Modern IT involves computer tech support, business software development, information security, business computer network and database administration jobs.

Information Technology Jobs and Careers

If you are seeking for a job in information technology know that the areas it revolves around are big in numbers. You can be working in engineering or administration, and sometimes even architecture. But, to work in IT you usually need to have a degree in computer science. You can also work as a department leader.IT

Computer Networking and Information Technology

Computer networking and information technology are linked together tightly. They work hand in hand so when one fails, the other one encounters major problems. There are a few specific fields in networking that are the closest to information technology. They are:

1. The usage of wireless and mobile networks

As networking technology progresses, so does information technology. To keep up with the trends that are coming, information technology has to constantly improve their networking for mobile phones, as well as wireless networks. There are a lot of specific points and rules that need to be followed here like avoiding dead spots in wireless networks and constantly improving the speed of mobile networking and so on.

2. Network performance

Here, as well as in the previous point we mentioned, information technology has to keep up with the upcoming trends. Because of the constant growth of online video quality and the improvement of online games, the speed of networks as well as their capacity needs to be improved for people to be able to use them. As better graphics are presented they slow the current networks down, so the speed of the networking must go up to keep up with that.

3. Network clouds

Usually what you would in the past was that IT stores had their personal severs but today they are all changing to network clouds. There are many reasons to this. In that way they cut down costs, but on the other hand their new employees might not know how those clouds work so they have to train them.

If you want a more detailed article about the history of information technology you can visit this article on Wikipedia Information Technology.


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