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Dated: May. 17, 2013

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Apple updated their OS Mountain Lion to the version 10.8.3. The update includes a series of security corrections and a load of new badges, like the Boot Camp support for the dual-boot Windows 8 and Boot Camp support for Mac computers with a 3 TB hard drive.

Among the security fixes a few of the problems are stated as high risk from the completion of the arbitrary code, including the one that might enable the start up of the Java Web Start application after visiting malicious Web pages, even when the Java browser plug in is not enabled.
The update also fixes a strange problem discovered last month that kept braking down almost every OS X application when the text “File:///“ (that marks the local URL address) is inputted in the document or the text frame. Supposedly it is a failure in the Apple background software for recognizing data which goal is to automatically bold the text, such as URL, displayed with apps like text editors, viewers or e-mail clients. The Mac OS X 10.8.3 also includes the latest version of Safari 6.0.3. In the following you can see the complete description of improvements:

Mac OS X 10.8.3

Apple recommends this update to all OS X Mountain Lion users and includes badges and fixes that improve stability, compatibility and safety of your Mac computer including: 
  • The ability to read in iTunes gift card with the built in camera of your Mac computerOS X Mountain Lion update
  • Boot camp support for installing the Windows 8 system
  • Boot camp support for Mac computers with a 3 TB hard drive
  • Fixed the problem that can cause the URL address bring down the app
  • Fixed the problem that can cause that the Logic Pro stops reacting when you use certain files
  • Fixed the problem in contacts that can cause cards to be written without control
  • Fixed the problem in contacts that can cause addresses to be written in the wrong places
  • Fixed the problem in contacts that can cause the desktop image to change after you log out or restart the system
  • Fixed the problem in messages that can cause the messages to appear without control after the computer comes back from sleep mode
  • Fixed the problem that can cause mistakes on the screen after the computer comes back from sleep mode
  • Improved compatibility with IMAP servers in the Notes application
  • Enabled the Slideshow screen saver to show pictures placed in sub maps
  • Improved reliability while using the Microsoft Exchange bill in Mail
  • Improved reliability with Xsan
  • Fixed the problem that can cause the Active Directory reports to be blocked after accessing the Security and Privacy part of the System preferences
  • Fixed the problem that can cause the aggregation link is not finished after restarting the computer
  • Fixed the problem that can cause the delays during applying in the Active Directory bill on high latency networks

Safari 6.0.3

Safari 6.0.3 is included in the OS X Lion Mountain v10.8.3 update contains corrections that improve performances, stability and safety, including:
  • Improved scrolling on Facebook
  • Improved scrolling while zooming on a Web page
  • Improves performances on Web pages with plug in content
  • Fixed the problem that can cause inaccurate appearance of warning that bookmarks can't be changed
  • Fixed the problem that can cause double bookmarks to appear on iOS devices after adjusting bookmarks with Safari OS X
  • Fixed the problem that allows users to access unfiltered results while searching on Google and when Parental Control is enabled
  • Fixed the problem that stops Safari from returning on the previous position on a Web page when the user returns


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