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Dated: May. 23, 2013

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IDE (Integrated Development Environment) represents an integrated development environment in which you can develop applications. This tutorial will be useful to all those that considering doing programing.

Choosing an IDE

There are a lot of IDEs, and every one of them has it's advantages that could be crucial for choosing it.
If you haven't used any IDE until now, every single one that has speed and stability will suit you. Our choice will go to the Aptana Studio 3. It is a free and stable IDE that can develop PHP, Ruby on Rails or Python apps. Besides that, Aptana can be installed on all operational systems.

Downloading the IDE

Type in your Internet browser "". Choose Products and then click on Download Aptana Studio 3. In the next step we can choose if we want the Standalone or the Eclipse plug in version. Your OS will be automatically recognized. Then you put in the name and e-mail address and click Download Aptana Studio 3.

Installing the IDE

Start the installation by double clicking on the installation file that you just downloaded.
  1. In the first step of the installation click on Next
  2. In the second step of the installation click on I agree (if you agree with the terms of use)
  3. In the third step choose the installation path and then click on Next
  4. In the fourth step click Next
  5. In the fifth step choose the files that will be automatically opened in Aptana
  6. In the sixth step click Install and wait
  7. In the seventh step click next
  8. Click close to end the process of registration
Aptana is installed on your computer.

Adjusting the IDE

Start Aptana with a double click on the icon Aptana Studio 3 and wait for it to open.
If a window appears below, click on Allow access. Our Aptana should now look like this.
Aptana Studio 3
Click on Help and then on Install Aptana Features...
Below the Web Application Platforms you can install support for the development in the fitting program language.
We will choose the PHP, and after that press Install.
Aptana 3 Instal Features
After a short while you will be asked about the plugins that you want to install on your computer. We selected the following:
Aptana 3 Zend CE Features
Click on Next and wait. Again, click on Next and you will be asked if you agree with the terms of use. Press "I accept the terms of the license agreements", and after that click on Finish.
Since we pull the packages from the Internet, sometimes it needs a bit more time for the download. After the installation of the plugins, Aptana will ask for a program restart. Click on Yes.
A few more details remain...
Click on “Window” -> “Preferences” -> “General” -> “Workspace” and set the settings as on the picture below.
Aptana studio preferences
Confirm everything by clicking on OK.
We hope that this tutorial has been of use to you.


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