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Dated: Aug. 26, 2011

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Search Engine Optimization

By Angela

How come I was ranking on page one yesterday and I am not today?

If you've checked your rankings in the search engines today, only to find that your site is not listed on the first page, your first instinct or your gut reaction might be to panic. If you have an SEO company running your campaign for you, then your next action will probably be to call them and ask them what is going on and why they aren't doing their jobs properly. This is a common question that many an SEO company would receive in their day to day operations, and such a rankings drop is a common occurrence within the SEO industry.

Before you get on the phone to your SEO company and start a heated phone call, there are some points that should be considered when it comes to why such a rankings drop may have occurred.

Google rolling out or testing a new algorithm tends to be the biggest factor when it comes to ranking changes, especially in the past few months. This can seem like an excuse that an SEO company rolls out whenever things aren't going well in rankings, but that is simply not the case.

SEO juiceGoogle does roll out new algorithms from time to time, and when it is in the testing stage, and the first few weeks of the algorithm, there is generally a disruption to the rankings. This means that everyone's site will be shuffling and moving around while Google re-assigns rankings, and then once the algorithm change is complete your rankings will more than likely return to how they were.

However, if your SEO campaign still utilises some ‘grey' SEO techniques that hadn't been spotted before, it could be that the latest algorithm change has picked up on them. This could be things such as an excessive number of unnatural links, links from bad neighbourhoods on the Internet, or even duplicate content. This is why a lot of SEO companies now only utilise ‘white' SEO techniques, because of the potential risk to the campaign the discovery of ‘grey' or unnatural SEO techniques can bring.

The best way to overcome these changes is to not panic. Keep your site relevant, and don't make too many changes in response to the change in rankings for your site, as this could affect the authority your site has been assigned by Google.

There are a few things your SEO company can check when it comes to situations like these, such as ensuring your sitemap is correct, especially if there have been recent structure or navigation changes to your site. They can also check if there are any missing pages within your site that Google might be trying to visit, as the absence of these can bring down your results as it affects your integrity.

Ultimately, don't panic and make too many changes, as these may indeed affect the value that Google assigns to your site. When things calm down, you may find that your rankings return to a similar level before the algorithm change.

Angela likes the potential that SEO can bring to businesses, and enjoys writing articles that answers questions and discusses possibilities.She is an essential part of an seo company

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