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Dated: Jan. 17, 2013

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What is the next step for Apple? An answer to this question is not known among the wider audiences which makes this company even more interesting. Here are our top five predictions for the next 12 months when it comes to Apple.

In the first place, there is the Apple TV, because there are great chances that Apple will present an Apple TV in the following year. As always, every potential announcement follows rumors. That is true in this case because it is not known on what kind of product they are working on.  Apple has already published Top Box. It’s main purpose is connecting with all Apple digital stores and streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.

The other thing that waits for Apple is a large number of court settlements since there was a large number of legal disputes in 2012. A company that wages a lot of disputes with Apple is Samsung, and there are great chances that it is going to get worse because Samsung hasn’t yet decided if they want a settlement or not.
Apple Next StepsThe third thing is the iRadio, a musical service that has been talked about for years but it still isn’t realized. In the meantime, Spotify and RDIO offered Apple a cheap way of getting massive collections of music, but also a large number of various devices. Where is Apple in that? In recent times this company has been in charge of securing the platform because it was offering other companies the possibility of selling their apps. Over time it started adding a large number of characteristics to their iTunes service through iCloud and in that way made possible for users to get to their own content by request.

The fourth thing is the small improvements that Apple will make, but also big investments. Apple Maps is one of the biggest softwares that the company published in 2012. But it has been a great disappointment also. Big changes are necessary in the year 2013. The thing that needs to be taken in account is the fact that Google has worked for years on their maps and with a lot more people.

The fifth and equally important thing is the fact that Sirihas to get out of the Beta version. This software is turning one year now, and Apple has given it some new possibilities with iOS 6, but Google made it slower and not so good with their 4.1 Jelly Bean update.

What can we expect? It is sure that Apple will secure speed increase and better app integration, but we also expect that Siri becomes more available, like on Apple Mac or the Apple TV platform.

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