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Best IT Jobs of 2011

Do You Have What it Takes to be
Part of the IT Field?

Do you know what path your career will take?

Don’t leave your career to chance,
get Best IT Jobs of 2011 and see whats in store for you.

 Does Your Future in IT Look a Bit Cloudy?

It does not have to be! Simply read Best IT Jobs of 2011.

It is understandable to feel a bit overwhelmed, especially with so many choices, Video Game Developer, Help Desk, System Admin, Network Security and the list goes on and on.

Best IT Jobs of 2011 will help you find your niche’ in the Information Technology field.

Why would anyone read a book to find a Job?

No one would, but you would read a book to make a career choice, especially if that choice includes Information Technology. Since the information technology is such a broad field, Best IT Jobs of 2011 will help you narrow your choices and find the career path that is right for you.

While money is a part of the career choice, it is not the sole purpose or rather it should not be, it’s not just about the money but about feeling a sense of satisfaction. If you are not happy, no matter how much money you make chances are you will not stay in that job for long and that is the sole purpose of the Best IT Jobs of 2011, to help you make sound choices when it comes to choosing an IT career.

Are you detail oriented?
Do you like to work with your hands?
Do you prefer to sit behind a desk and answer questions?

If you answered Yes to any or all of the previous questions, then chances are a career in IT is for you.

Question: What comes to mind, when you think of a career in IT?

Sitting behind a desk answering questions about computer related problems, or troubleshooting network problems; what about designing a security systems for companies and you would be right. But there are many other jobs in the field of IT that involve a great deal more than Help Desk, System Admin and Network Admin!!!

That is why you need to purchase and read Best IT Jobs of 2011.

Not only will Best IT Jobs of 2011 answer all your questions, but will help to make your career decision become crystal clear.

I know you are skeptical,
there are millions of books out there with similar information,
and just like there are millions of automobiles,
there is only one that will appeal to your individual needs.

Best IT Jobs of 2011 was written by people that work in the IT field, who have inside information about each and every aspect of what it takes to become an IT professional and not by someone who is seeking to line their pockets with your hard earned money. Don't forget, we at TechiWarehouse have NEVER launched our own product, UNTILL NOW!

That is how confident we are in this guide.

When you purchase Best IT Jobs of 2011, you will not be offered a so called free bonus. You will not be bombarded by deceptive emails filled with info that you never asked for. And we won't be-little you by saying some cheezy line like, "And That's NOT All You Get" .

But you will gain privilege to years of hard work, skills and personal insight about every possible career choice in the Information Technology field (at least the ones that matter most).

Think of Best IT Jobs of 2011 as an investment in your future.

Do you work in the computer industry as a technician, a network repair person, graphic designer, so on...but is it all that you do? Off Course Not! Chances are very likely that you wear 10 different career hats and some of the things you do doesn't even have a job title associated to it. That is a "No BS Truth" in the IT business.

After receiving over 500 various career related questions, we thought of simply writing the book. If you're a High School Kid looking to pick a career after school is done; This book is for you. If you're already into IT but want to change your career track to pick a different line in IT; This book is for you. If you love your job or make enough money to bear with the daily crap at work; This book is NOT FOR YOU!

It's just under $8 bucks. And $7.96 is exactly the price at my local pizza place for a personal pan pizza. So if you can afford to can surely afford this.

Here's a Sample:

An Introduction

If one was to ask youths about their prospective careers, chances are that many would draw a blank. This confusion is not surprising since there is enormous scope in numerous fields. Moreover, a person must consider not only his interests but the wages and the lifestyles that come with each occupation and risks involved to determine what will be the best match for him currently as well as in the future.

Indeed, most people fall into their careers accidently by taking on a chance job here and there, which leads to promotions; before they know it, they have made a commitment to one industry even though their interests might be elsewhere.

The sole purpose of this eBook is to alleviate the stress incurred with choosing a career in the Information Technology Industry. It's great that you, the reader, have narrowed your interests to this field and we aim to provide you with inside details of numerous fascinating professions that you may or may not have heard about.

The Real Story

This eBook endeavors to represent nine interesting professions in the IT field which may be new to you. They are indeed unconventional but they embody the progression in the industry and are thus fascinating fields to work in.

This book is aimed at those who have specific interest in the IT industry and also those who look to the IT industry as one of their options. If you have already decided upon one of the mentioned professions, then the guide will provide you with useful information which you can use to help you with your decision, especially when you start out. But if you're still a bit confused, the eBook provides you with an in-depth look into the various professions and should help you narrow your choices. Our aim is to provide a realistic look at these exciting professions so you will understand the real expectations and are not blinded by the monetary reward or the perks! We hope that this guide will help you make a better, more informed decision regarding your future career in the IT industry!

We at TechiWarehouse.Com hope that this eBook is a pragmatic resource for you, the reader, and we hope that we manage to dispel all doubts that you may have regarding the afore-mentioned professions.





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