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Dated: Sep. 03, 2013

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The Brother MFC-J6910DW has a very impressive support for various networks. It is possible to connect the device via USB, LAN cable (a great way to connect for a company), as well as over Wireless. The setting for each of these connections is easy, but it is necessary to install the software from the disc that came with your Brother MFC, called MFL-Pro Suite. Through the built-in screen on the MFC, even the wireless connection is fast and easy and comes down to a choice of wireless network passwords (if any) and, later, pairing with the MFL-Pro Suite software on your computer.

As for the speed of the press, the manufacturer stated that the machine prints up to 35 pages per minute for black and white printing and up to 27 pages in color. According to our tests, the results were not so great. Sometimes it needed 30 seconds before preparing to go to the first page. In the best case, it threw out 15 pages per minute with black and white print. For duplex printing, as expected, the rate was even lower. Approximately 3 sheets per minute, but with automatic page turning. So it is understandable that the printing speed dropped. The quality of the print was satisfactory.

The text is a little paler, but this is due to the economy of the MFC, and it is possible to change the settings in the printer settings for the driver. We tried copying A4 color images at maximum quality and the result was mediocre. The print was noticeably dimmer than the original, and there was a white border around the image, even though the original did not have that. On the other hand, the copy was usable and we realize that this is a matter that will be rarely used in the office, so it did not affect the overall impression of the printer

Printing pictures from a memory card in full color is pretty impressive. On plain A4 paper, the maximum level of quality, borderless, colorful pictures looked very good. The colors were natural, saturation just as it should, and excellent sharpness. We believe it would look even better if they were printed on photographic paper.

There are a lot of multifunction devices on the market, but if you need a device for offices that print on A3 size paper in color, receive and send fax, scan and copy, and connect to a wired or wireless network, this is an excellent choice. Although in some situations it can be slower, and the document is copied slightly paler than the original, this is still an excellent solution for businesses and offices.

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