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Dated: Jul. 02, 2013

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As in today's increasingly demanding customers, tools for music and multimedia are not classic audio and video players, who play them from the hard drive or CD-ROM drive. Despite the intense competition in the market of multimedia players, it is very difficult to choose one which would separate itself in a crowd, but we still think we have a winner.

Banshee is an open source tool for consuming multimedia content, its development started way back in 2005 under the name of Sonance . According to data from the official website, in its development and maintenance since 2005 until today, there were about 155 developers and 130 translators, and like most open source application, it can be found both on Linux and on operating systems, MacOS X and Windows.

Everything you need to make your operating system Fedora / RedHat Linux stocked with new tools for multimedia playback is to download it from the official website or execute the command:

sudo yum install banshee

Banshee will welcome you in a classic GTK. On the left side of the window you will notice a simple navigation that guides you through the music and video libraries from your computer, radio, audio books, and more, while on the right are playlists, waiting for you to fill them with music or video content. In the upper part of the window are basic controls for media playback and the search field.Banshee 2.4.1

As already mentioned, the ability to add songs from your hard disk or CD-ROM drive is not something to which we would give great attention, but the algorithm that allows them quick and easy searches deserves praise. Conversely, if you want to create an audio disc, you just need to highlight the selected songs and clicking on the Write CD from the drop down menu create a new CD of your favorite music, with which you can enjoy in your car or on your home audio system.

For easier access to your favorite songs, Banshee provides a simple scoring system and, of course, the top rated sets in a folder dedicated to those favorite. What sets Banshee apart from other traditional tools for music is the ability to search the Internet Archives, which is a true digital multimedia library, and it offers searches and audio books as well as books in PDF format, concerts and more. Of course, do not expect to find any recent blockbuster, but it will certainly provide hours of quality entertainment with a good book or movie. In addition, developers enabled Banshee listening to music on service, and shopping at Amazon, but what will surely attract the most attention is Miro Guide, which is a RSS feed of all major internet radio stations and broadcasts in which you will , enjoy in terms of quality of content. Banshee is a partial mix of the features, of Amarok and Tomahawk with VLC player. The result is phenomenal, and perhaps one of the best open-source multimedia players that can now be found.

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