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Dated: May. 29, 2013

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New, and at the same time with the recognizable old design, Lexmark MS310dn and MX310dn models offer a quick and quality print adapted to the business user.

debuted on the market where Canon and HP ruled and it kept going forward – today Lexmarks solutions stand shoulder to shoulder with the competition, and in certain parts are even better than them. An obvious improvement can be seen in solutions that have been presented by the start of this year. This time we present two technologically similar devices, each one in its own class, and they represent the base of Lexmark offer.  

Big player for small companies

It is well known what business users want from their printers: fast work, quality print and affordable price. Lexmark fulfilled all of these demands with the monochromatic laser printer MS310dn.
Lexmarks design of business printers is practically unchanged in the last few generations: from the point of brand recognizability and the product itself is a very wise decision, but the result is (from the design point of view) a bit classical exterior, but very functional.
Lexmark printer MS310dnAlthough is classical concepted, with a drawer to put paper in at the bottom and an output unit in the top part, the real beauty of this device is on the inside. The new Lexmark monochromatic printer is meant for business users that need a network device for offices with a smaller number of employees. Because of that the accent is placed on the speed of the device. Having in mind that the MS310dn is a basic model in the series, the declared speed of 33 pages per minute is impressive, and we are even more pleasantly surprised by the fact that on the test we reached a speed that is very similar to the declared one, which is not the case in most devices.
Printing is enabled in a hardware resolution up to 1200x1200 dpi, which as a result has a very quality print. The printed text in the regime Normal is very readable, with a saturated black color and letter geometry on a very high level. In the draft regime, meant for saving toner, the printed text is just a bit lighter, but it still gives excellent letter geometry and readability. The maximum monthly printing output is declared at 50.000 pages, which is ambitious even for faster printers, but the recommended values are much more realistic and range from 500 to 2.500 pages.
To follow up these demands, next to the basic drawer for paper that has a capacity of 250 leaves of A4 format or smaller, Lexmark offered users extra drawers with 250 and 550 leaves that enlarge the maximum capacity to 850 leaves. A similar situation is with the toner cassettes that are available in two configurations: the standard one that can print up to 1.500 pages and the one with expanded capacity that can print up to 5.000 pages. If we add to this that the MS310dn in the standard configuration can brag with automatic double side printing, it is sure that the cost of a print will be very affordable to users.

The MFP version

A multifunctional match to the printer MS310dn is the MX310dn, that practically represents a improvement of the described device, so don't be surprised that the results are similar, including the quality of the print.
The MX310dn can boast with a fax unit and a scanner with ADF, that enables very fast and efficient document copying, but only one side. We are pleasantly surprised by the speed of scanning rows of documents with the help ADF, that on the copy test was faster that the printer.
MX310dn, next to the duplex printing and network adapter, has a clear system of managing with the involvement of a computer, that is concepted around the color screen and a row of keys for navigating a intuitive menu.
The offered possibilities make these new Lexmark printers, and especially the multifunctional ones, very competitive, giving that they offer a complete and affordable solution for small business units in one.

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