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Dated: Jul. 04, 2013

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Photoshop Graphics Suite

A faster pace of life has imposed some new habits. Instead of reading books, it's easier and faster to watch a movie, long letters have been replaced by text messages ... The situation is similar with pictures. Overproduction, which began the era of digital cameras is not slowing down, and if we don't return from winter / summer vacations without a couple of hundred shots, we failed at vacationing. And then we begin to "torture" relatives with all these photos, which sometimes can last for hours (personal experience of the author).

So why we wouldn't we instead of that make a shortened version with the selected photos, which will be automated in the form of a video? Wondering why video? That will not require any additional user interaction and you can be more committed to communicating with relatives / friends. All you need to do is be patient for the photos and the selection of the right software - in our case it is PhotoToFilm.
Before we proceed with the presentation of the program, we need to clarify one thing. There are two types of tools that are used for the stated purpose: simple tools to do the job quickly and advanced tools that will provide a much higher quality film experience, but with a much greater involvement of users in terms of their knowledge and in terms of time. PhotoToFilm belongs to the first group - it will quickly prepare a video, but do not expect too much from it.
PhotoToFilm 3.0.3
So, we have the photos we have chosen, and we have the right tool. All you have to do is input the photos, click on the occasional option and wait for it to finish processing. Well, actually there's a bit more work. First, you can use the images to specify the displaying order.

Then, you have the option to set the background music, as well as automatic synchronization of the length of the video with the music background. Also there is a selection of codecs, with advanced settings of their parameters.

What is definitely missing is a bigger variety of options. You can only choose if you want to display photos in a static format or if the camera moves per photo, without further adjustment, and the possibility of including the cross-fading effect. It could be stated that there are a bunch of remarks, but we have already mentioned that the target group are users who want simplicity and speed when working, and because of that there is no need to make our demands any bigger.

What can be discussed is the price of the program. The question remains if you need to give the stated amount of money for something that really doesn't bring much quality? If you don't want to see the the trial version message on the screen , but you're not crazy enough to just throw away money, there is another legal way to register the program.

The so-called free version offers the option of installing external sponsorship applications. After installing it, it will automatically activate the full version. The author of this article is against such ways of blackmailing users, but we can not say that this was an adware system because you are left with the choice to decide for yourself what you can do.

In short, PhotoToFilm neither is the best nor the cheapest program to create video from photos, but it is easy to use. However, you may not believe it, but someone also appreciates this.

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