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Dated: Jan. 29, 2013

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PHP Programming

In this tutorial, we will specify a list of extensions that will certainly help you in the future work.

There are currently over, which is a big number and it can be difficult to find your wanted extension. Joomla! comes with a few basic extras that can be helpful for simpler sites, but if you are planning something more you definitely need to know what you need to use.

Before we start with the introduction of the extensions we will say something about security. Every component that you install can have a safety failure, and you can fix that in Joomla! with regular updates. But there is a list where it is shown what extensions have some kind of safety failure, and before you install anything check up that list to see if it is a potential risk.

Akeeba Backup

Backup, backup, backup! If you are not a fan of the old fashioned backup through phpMy Admin and File Manager, or you simply don’t have access to files on a server. This component will help you to do it fast and simple. Also, you can use it to transfer files from the local to the server, and from server to server. The winner of the J.O.S.C.A.R. award for the best component in the category of Administrator Only Extension on the annual J and Beyond meeting.

Akeeba Backup

The component can be downloaded from this link: A

JCE Editor

Joomla comes with a great TinyMCE editor that will surely be enough for you in the beginning of your work. If you want a more advanced editor with a lot more options and the possibility of configurations then you need to try the JCE Editor. Recently, there was a new 2.3.1 version released that brings a lot of improvements. 

JCE editor

The editor can be downloaded from this link:

Session Meter Admin

An extremely useful module that shows you the time left to the expiration of your session and it gives you a warning a minute before it expires. If you spend a lot of time in writing articles this will surely help you.

Session meter admin

The module can be downloaded from this link:

AdminPraise Lite

As you can change the template for the frontend part of the site you can also change the admin template. Admin Praise Lite is a simple template that you can adjust in many ways and make your Joomla! work easier.

AdminPraise Lite

The template can be downloaded from this link:

jSecure Authentication

You can never have enough safety. This add-on will enable you to hide the administration access part of the site. You can choose if the user is going to be transferred on the home page or some other URL according to your choice after he tries to gain access to the admin parts. 

jSecure Authentication

The add-on can be downloaded from this link:

Phoca Changing Collation

 A very useful tool that will serve you if you have a badly configured server and you don’t want to mess around the base yourself. In most case the collation database is not set right, and in that case a problem appears. With this tool you can fix this problem with one click. This add-on is not installed in Joomla! CMS, it is needed that you place in a separate folder on the server and then accessing it and making the necessary changes.

Phoca Changing Collation

The add-on can be downloaded from this link:

For the end we will mention that there are a lot more extensions that can help you, but we just mentioned the basics needed for you when you are starting.

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