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Dated: Aug. 13, 2004

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by Mike Stocker

Ever make it just in time for work after driving through rush hour traffic and realize that you've left an important file on your computer at home? Or have you ever had to work late in the office because you don't have access to files, applications, or shared resources at home? Well maybe your life has just become way easier.

Introducing, GoToMyPC! A wonderful little service that'll let you access your home or work computer from anywhere! It takes two minutes to download this amazing software onto your computer and you'll have the power to access your computer from any web browser on any computer. A simple little technology of PC-to-PC connection or as GoToMyPC calls it, "Remote-Access Solution" will go a long way for anyone.

For individuals, the GoToMyPC Personal seems to be the perfect choice. It's intended for individuals needing remote access to 1-20 PCs. It's an easy and secure remote-access solution that enables you to conveniently access email, files, programs and network resources from home or the road. Get unlimited access to your PCs from any Web browser anywhere.

You may be asking yourself, "Hmm, now who would need such a tool"? Well let's see here:

  1. Teleworkers: This gizmo is perfect for those of us that work on our office PC from home, easily and securely, with just an Internet connection.

  2. Travel: My Travel buddies very often access and use our PC and files from hotels, airports, and Internet cafes - anywhere with Web access.

  3. After-Hours Access: For people exactly like myself; who work even after hours on things such as this little article can now access, use their office desktop, email and other corporate resources after office hours from any location connected to the Internet.

  4. Systems Administration: Similar to the server admins of TechiWarehouse.Com, it is essential for any server management person to remotely access and manage multiple PCs from anywhere.

Ok, ok, a good writer always knows when the reader is getting a bit frustrated reading an ad made to look like real information. But this time boys and girls, we have some real info for you. It's time to now compare GoToMyPC with similar products and services out there. So let's see if we can dig a grave for GoToMyPC or do they bury the competition, we'll soon find out.


Compare and Contrast

Let's first look at what even comes close to giving the type of service GoToMyPC provides. Here are some that come to mind:

  1. GoToMyPC

  2. MSN Messenger's Built In Remote Assistance Function

  3. Windows XP's Built In Remote Desktop Connection

In reality all three are using a technology that was started back in the mid 1980s called Terminal Service. However, even based on the same basic theory, these software and services differ, in some cases tremendously.


Remote Desktop Connection

Let's first look at Windows XP's Remote Desktop Connection. We know that Remote Desktop Connection or RDC is installed right when you install the OS so that there are no additional software's to install.

But let's not forget that there are things to configure. Not only do you need to configure your RDC software preferences, but you also have to change settings on your Windows XP itself so that it opens its doors to incoming RDC requests. Nice and peachy when you hear it at first but you'll soon realize that it means you're basically opening up your computer to any incoming request by anyone.

Second mistake one would make with RDC is that only one person can work on a remote PC at a time. So for those of you who have 2 or more in a team working away on projects at the same PC might have to wait and take turns.
Verdict: Buried!

MSN Messenger

Now let's see how the Messenger turns out. MSN Messenger is now known to be one of Microsoft Corp.'s more prized possession. The Remote Assistant feature is supposed to work flawlessly over the web and no real hard-cored settings need be changed to be able to use it the way it's meant to be used.

The key word in the previous sentence is "Supposed". Let's all keep our eye on the keywords now, you hear. However, even with the awesome and glorious powers that work behind the scenes at MSN, it seems that MSN became victim to the treacheries of the present day groups known as the crackers. At the moment, there are more cracks for MSN then all the cracks found behind the American public. Well maybe not that many but bigger for sure. These cracks can run havoc on the victim's computer.

Imagine if someone got hold of it and used against you? Well you need not get sweaty just yet. Just for this problem, we published PC Defense articles in the past; you can get to them by clicking HERE.
Verdict: Buried!


The competition is already buried but let's put GoToMyPC through some rigorous tests as well.

GoToMyPC for one haven't been found to have any cracks out there on the net. So let's not whip out our software firewalls out just yet. Now let's look a bit at the features:

Automatic Setup - Plug-in automatically launches, installs and configures itself. No restart required. This allows the user to set up and ready to go in minutes, even by novice users.

Universal Viewer - When you connect to your PC, the Viewer window launches automatically, allowing you to view and control your PC from another Windows, Windows CE, Mac, Linux, Unix or Solaris computer. No pre-loaded software required. This helps to access your PC from any Web browser on any operating system at any time. Even work on your office Windows PC from your Mac at home.

PocketView Wireless Access - Simply put "Ultimate Mobility"! Securely access your PC from your wireless device running Windows CE.4.x or Pocket PC 2002 or 2003.

File Transfer - Easily transfer files, folders and directories between computers. You never again need to email files to yourself or copy tofloppies. Get access to your files at any time from anywhere.

Guest Invite - Invite a second person to temporarily view or share control of your PC. Great for tech support, demos or "conference" viewing of info.

Remote Printing - Print documents to any printer wherever you happen to be - there's no need for the application that created the document to be installed on the client computer. A hard copy of that forgotten file is only a connection away.

Cut and Paste - Cut, copy and paste text between computers. Simplifies transfer of content between desktops.

Encryption and Maximum Security - All data is protected with AES encryption using 128-bit keys. Dual passwords and end-to-end user authentication. Option to use One-Time Passwords for maximum security. Most secure Internet connection available in a remote-access product.

In addition to enabling flexible access from anywhere, GoToMyPC Personal is far easier to install and use and has faster performance and file transfer capabilities than any other remote control product (as verified by NSTL testing laboratories). Plus it's less expensive and easier to use than other remote-access technologies such as a VPN and RAS.
Verdict: Grave Digger!

Well that verdict sounded weird but who cares? The point is GoToMyPC rocks!

To get to know GoToMyPC a bit more, visit GoToMyPC - Access Your PC from Anywhere. !

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