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Dated: Mar. 02, 2013

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There is not a computer that doesn’t need a good cooler, especially when it is a portable model. This time we are talking about two Cooler Masters models meant for cooling portables.

Master Cooler X liteX-Lite is a smaller and weaker model, designed according to the other models from the X series. The name of the model is inspired by the cooler, while the Lite points to the more humble possibilities of this model. The top surface is made out of metal, and in its corner there are rubber legs meant to stop the computer form slipping, although every portable already has its own set. The bottom side is made out of plastic, and in in its corners are also rubber legs. The 14 centimeter fan develops a speed of 1000 rpm, and it creates a noise of 19 dBA. The power supply is secured with a USB cable, but in a way that it doesn’t use the USB port, but instead in a extension it has a USB connector that can be attached to another device. The biggest limitation to this cooler is its not attractive design which makes the front lower edge of the computer not available to the air current from the cooler. Depending on the construction of the model of computer and the position of the opening from which the cooling system gets air from, it represent a smaller or bigger obstacle to efficient cooling.

Master Cooler Notepal I100The Notepal l100, unlike its predecessors, has a much more conservative design. A classic rectangular shape with smooth edges and a thickness of only 23 millimeters still offers more possibilities and more efficient cooling of every portable model, no matter how it is constructed. Under the metal web that makes the top surface is a fan that has a 14 centimeter diameter, is a little bit stronger than the previous model and achieves a speed of 1200 rpm, and with that creates a noise of 21 dBA. Also, it has rubber legs, and the back pair has adjustable height which allows the setting of the angle at which the cooler stands. The power supply is managed in the same way as in the previous model, but with the possibility of putting the cables in small channels on the bottom of the device when it is not in use.

It is ungrateful to talk about the effectives of these coolers because the results vary in dependence of the construction of the cooled computer. An average that we would make based on the tests that had two netbook computers and one notebook computer involved would be the following: X-Lite has lowered the temperature of the processor by five degrees Celsius when computers were under heavy strain, while the l100 managed to lower it by 3 degrees. But, what maybe the thing that is more important is the temperature of the hard drive, which was lowered by both models by 10 degrees. L100 was again better in this segment, so the hard drive WD Scorpio Black, which spins at 7200 rpm, was colder by 12 degrees in comparison to when it was not extra cooled. The quality of the coolers manufacturing is at the highest level, which is expected when we are talking about this manufacturers. Both models cost around 20 euros and represent excellent solutions for their assigned tasks, with a slight advantage going to the l100 because of stronger fan and a design that enables it to work with a larger number of devices.

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