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Dated: Mar. 22, 2012

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Do you like tinkering with Windows Command Line? It's an awesome way to learn batch scripting. But at times you may have a series of batch files that you would want to run or execute. Well, many folks don't know but there is a method that is used to do exactly that.

We get asked this too many times. To use any batch script, from within a script will require the CALL command.

Here is an example:
CALL AnotherBatchFile.bat

But keep in mind that this will pause the execution of the first batch file and will wait for the completion or full execution of the called upon batch script before proceding.

Command Prompt


However, if you would like to run both batch

 scripts simultaneously, it would require the START command. As always, when it doubt, always use the /? for help. An example for each would be CALL /? and START /? from the command prompt.

Hope this answers a ton of similar questions.

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