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Dated: Aug. 08, 2013

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The Ocean Project
The oceans account for over two thirds of our planet. They were the cradle of life, and now play a crucial role in its preservation. The Ocean Project has over the past twenty years grown from a handful of aquariums, zoos and museums in North America, to a global organization that today has more than 1,700 institutions worldwide. The primary task of Ocean project is to preserve and popularize maritime lifestyle. The official Web site of the organization has the current news of this year's celebration of the 8th June, World day of Oceans.

Web Travel Market
Web Travel Market Is a B2B database were hotels and travel organizers can negotiate group and allotment conditions directly, without intermediary. Also, it contains the most detailed and largest database list of travel organizers and hotels in more than 50 countries. For both sides, it is the easiest and fastest way to find a new partner and expand their business.

The term hacking is often associated with (mostly illegal) going into various computer systems. Broader meaning of this term is to find shortcuts to solve a problem. Charitable Organization Random Hacks of Kindness is dedicated to detecting problems in communities around the world. After discovering approaches to gathering volunteers to help, first in theory and then the practical resolution of the problems. This year's "Hackaton Weekend" was held in early June, but that does not mean you can not join RHOK.

interesting sitesBadgergate
Website Badgergate was launched by British animal lovers who do not agree with the decision of their government that in the next four years they will exterminate over 100,000 badgers. This drastic measure was announced because supposedly wild badgers are a reservoir of bovine tuberculosis because of which farmers every year have big losses. However, many scientists claim that badgers are not dangerous to cattle and that this plague can be avoided. The site contains a large amount of data on these cute animals and their behavior in the wild, and in vicinity of settlements.

The Headwater site helps people who are interested in an active, environmentally conscientious tourism. This term means that you are interested in a vacation where you will not be using your car but instead you can navigate by bike or on foot, or possibly in one of the boats that use oars. Of course, there are other interests as historical sites, wildlife, local cuisine and wines. Headwater offers dozens of destinations throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The site was recently redesigned to make it even more viewable.

There is many facts that say that SUP (Stand Up Paddling) has been around maybe for thousands of years. It is relaxing activity and fun way to spend some time on the wather. Also, it's relatively easy for learning.

Over one million users have learned French using Frantastique website. If you subscribe to this site (first seven days is free) the system sends you a daily email with the lessons and the tasks that you can get through in less than 12 minutes. These lessons include text but also audio and video files. Based on your performance, the system adjusts your program to make learning go more quickly. Moreover, when signing up determine the sphere of interest so that lessons will always contain the topics you find interesting , and are tailored to your age.


E-SEO Radar
Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization is a busy industry and it's change very quickly. If you want to be updated with latest news, you should find good sources where you can find fresh content. There is plenty websites and blogs on English language, but we found one in Serbian. The site contains a large amount of info.


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