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Dated: Nov. 01, 2009

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A lot of argument has been going on about this topic: which is a better OS? Vista or XP? Most of the tech savvy people back XP for its simplicity of usage and reliability. But they fail to look at the positive traits of Vista which make it a better operating system when compared to its predecessors. Now having said this let us take a tour of Vista and discover all those features that support this claim.

Firstly, of all the operating systems released so far by Microsoft, Vista has the best visual interface. The glossy look of it is an eye-catcher for sure. The icons in it look more stylish and wonderful than those of XP. XP users have the option of installing Vista themes in their computers but this may result in the operating system getting corrupted which eventually leads to a re-installation of the whole OS. The appearance of Vista is one of its best features.

Next, the security in Vista is better than that in XP. UAC (User Account Control) is an outstanding enhancement to Vista and it helps the user by restricting actions such as installing a new application when done by an unauthorized user. UAC has also proved its effectiveness by successfully blocking the entry or invasion of adwares, malwares, spywares, Trojan horses, into the system, when tested by Symantec Corporation.

Better Operating System

Vista has this special ability to convert a storage device such as a USB flash drive into RAM. This pretty amazing feature of Vista is called Windows ReadyBoost and makes the computer a faster and a more efficient one.

Windows DVDMaker is another attachment to Vista. Now, the user does not need any other proprietary disc authoring software such as Nero or Ashampoo Burning Studio to burn CDs and DVDs. A simple copy- paste operation on the CD would do the job in Vista.

Many other features new to the Windows operating system such as the Windows Sidebar, Instant Search etc have been appreciated and liked by users.

Windows Sidebar facilitates the inclusion of small gadgets like clock, calendar, to-do list, temperature check, sports score at the right end of the monitor. Instant search is an option that comes along with the Start menu. The time spent by the user to locate a program or an application and run it has been reduced to a large extent with this feature. The user can just type the name of the program in the search box in the start menu and run it easily. All these enhancements are time-saving and are eye candies to the user.

One can download and install a wide range of gadgets to his Sidebar.

Parental control enables the user to restrict the access of certain sites to a non-administrator user. Now, parents can be sure that their children do not visit or view any inappropriate content on the web.

Another enhanced feature of the new operating system Vista is that the speech recognition tool in it is integrated along with the OS itself. Unlike the previous editions of Windows in which the user could use speech recognition to access only Microsoft Office and WordPad, one can gain access to all accessible applications in Vista. Speech recognition in Vista is advanced as it supports several languages such as French, German, Chinese and Japanese.

Vista comes with DirectX10 and is ideal for graphics oriented applications such as computer games. The DirectX10 version supports 3D imagery more than DirectX9 which is present in XP. Moreover, at least a 512MB graphic card is required to run the 3D flips and other visual styles in Vista. So, a high end graphic coupled with a Vista Ultimate edition would be a visual treat for gamers for sure.

Vista has got a new collection of in-built games. Move on from the bland look of the Solitaire game you play in XP, the interface of the game is fantabulous in Vista. In addition Vista has got other interesting games such as Mahjong Titans, Chess Titans, Purble Place etc.

Live thumbnails are also one of those special, superb features one would like very much. This feature of Vista lets the user know what program is running when the program window is minimized. Just run the pointer of your mouse over the minimized tab of the window and a smaller version of that program appears on the screen. This helps the user to identify what program is working and lets him decide if it needs to run or not.

Other features of XP that have undergone some changes and introduced into Vista are the Windows Photo Gallery and Windows Movie Maker. Creating and editing movies, photos, slideshows etc has become comparatively easy in Vista.

Networking has been enhanced in Vista and the user can easily share files with other nodes in a network. Wireless networks can be set up with ease in Vista. File sharing, network monitoring and all network related activities can be done more easily in Vista than they were done in XP.

The success of Vista can be seen clearly in the fact that the US army has decided to upgrade all its computers to Vista from XP. 13 per cent of the systems have already been switched to Vista. The decision of the US army to upgrade to Vista and to Office 2007 would come as a mighty blow to all those who criticized the performance of Vista.

Interestingly, the Microsoft Corporation had conducted an experiment called the Mojave experiment in which a group of techies were shown the features of a new OS that was under development. The group was highly satisfied with the demo of the OS and rated it better than Vista. But finally when the truth was let out everyone were in for a surprise because all features shown were that of Vista itself and a new OS was not even being developed by Microsoft as mentioned earlier. This proved that certain positive traits of Vista were overlooked by all and hence Vista had to face flak.

A lot of firms have now started switching on to Vista and it is guaranteed that this new, fantastic operating system would surely fill the coffers of Microsoft within a small span of time.

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