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Dated: Nov. 12, 2012

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Windows 7

The public is buzzing about the latest release of Windows 8. This release contains over 300 new features that are sure to please. While it is just in preview mode for developers only, the intention is to keep tweaking this version of Windows until it is perfect. Microsoft makes big promises that this version will be bigger and better than before, but just what is so great about this version of Windows? For starters, Windows 8 can be used on both PC's and ARM tablets. Because of new capabilities that include the touch screen ability, Windows 8 can be used on laptops, tablets, even the screens that require high def.

New Look Brings Better Functionality

Of course no reconfiguration would be complete without being redesigned. The look is not only beyond sleek, but it has been revamped to include a new and improved control panel. The old options are out and the new ones include things such as:

  • Wireless
  • Notifications
  • Personalization
  • General
  • Privacy
  • Search
  • Share

This new 8 allows a person to customize their start up menu. How nice would it be to have specialized music, and a calendar pop up on demand? Anything one desires can happen when the new Windows 8 unleashes its potential. Using Metro Apps, it is possible to change and create any type of start-up that one desires.

Microsoft Windows 8Typing Made Simple

Those who are not the best spellers will be more than happy with the enhanced spell check features. This auto correct typing will allow any person to appear to have perfect spelling when Windows 8 is going behind correcting. To enhance the computer experience, there will be two keyboards instead of 1. The first will be the traditional keyboard with some minor enhancements. The second keyboard will be a radical new style called a thumb board. This is for all those individuals who are non-touch typists. Typing speeds should be increase along with the accuracy when the screen will suggest words once a person types the first three letters.

Dual Monitors Just Got Easier

The use of multiple monitors is becoming commonplace in the business and at home. Where other versions of Windows failed, this one excels when it comes to dual screens. Unlike other versions, the new and improved will allow a person to take the task bar and have it the length of both monitors, there is no need to download any 3rd party application to do this. Rather than having two separate screens, it is possible to make one giant screen using new features in this Window's package. Switching back and forth between multiple monitors has never been easier. A simple click or a tap and the primary screen can be instantly switched.


After reviewing all aspects of Windows 8, it seems it is superior to all the other suites by far. While there will certainly be some bugs that need to be worked out, developers are quickly working to fix these so the product can be released to the public. While a release date is not in site, the public is waiting patiently to get their hands on the latest version of Windows.

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