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Dated: Jun. 28, 2013

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Samsung has finally refreshed the series 9 – a new ultrabook NP900X3E is not a replacement of the old models, but it will sell with them. The lighting of the screen is larger than 300 cd/m2 so this ultrabook can be used outside in the sunlight, and the resolution is full HD. The only flaw is that the screen is not touch sensitive.

The Series 9 is the culmination of Samsung's notebooks and Ultrabooks and usually involves ultrabooks of the upper class. Is there any room there for refreshments? The model NP900X3A proves that it can always be better. The first thing you will notice when the 13-inch ultrabook is out of the box is that it is extremely thin - the thickness hardly exceeds half and inch (1.2 centimeters). Furthermore, you'll appreciate the fact that, despite the aluminum and very lightweight - it weighs just over two pounds. On the other hand, because of all this it seems a bit fragile, which is a common feature of Ultrabooks - if you want a robust computer, look for it in other categories.

Finally – full HDUltrabook NP900X3E

NP900X3A looks nice and is well made​​, which is especially true for the great keyboard which is illuminated with the help of intelligent systems (using ambient light sensor), and a huge, monolithic touchpad. The screen does not reflect light and can be seen from all angles, but his superlatives are yet to come: first, the maximum brightness exceeding 300 cd/m2, so you can use the ultrabook outdoors, even in the sun. Another feature of the screen that will appeal to many, is the resolution - Full HD, which is not common among the "thirteens". Details are therefore quite small, but when you have smart phones with HD screens, why not on ultrabook too. It will not, however, satisfy everyone: though your computer Windows 8is running, and the screen is not touch-sensitive. Above the screen is a 1.3 megapixel camera, so there not full HD. Ultra-slim cases inevitably lead to a compromise with the connectors. NP900X3A has two standard USB ports (one is version 3.0), and the rest are mini-versions, so you have to use adapters or to get the appropriate cables. Ethernet adapter is obtained, for the VGA you will have to look for yourself, and for connection to a TV the best solution is a cable with a mini-HDMI connector. The computer has a (not so easily visible) memory card reader - you'll find it if you look carefully on the bottom. There is a 44 Wh battery, so you can count on multi hour autonomy.

Modern hardware by choice

The computer is sold in various configurations - the system that we tested includes a Core i5, and there are versions with Core i7. The memory can be 4 or 8 GB and SSD drive is 128GB, and there is also a configuration with more mass memory. The screen is controlled by an integrated Ivy Bridge adapter, so the NP900X3A is more suitable for business people than gamers. The system "from scratch" lifts in less than six seconds and from sleep mode a bit more than a second. We should not expect that the NP900X3A is cheap - if you want all of the premium features and impeccable design in a small package, you'll need to dig into more deeply in your pocket ... or even deeper if you choose a stronger configuration. Our advice is not to overdo it: the tested configuration works flawlessly and provides six to eight hours of battery life under standard conditions.

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