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Dated: Feb. 10, 2010

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by Vishal Ingole

Portable Document Format or PDF is a popular document created by Adobe, which can hold text, fonts, images and graphics. This particular kind of document has been immensely successful die to its portability and platform independence. Even if the images and graphics used in PDF are heavy, the actual size of document is very small, hence, facilitates easy transfer through various methods.

Though you can directly copy text, image and graphics from PDF documents directly, it is impossible to edit the text directly within the document. A very primitive method of editing PDF documents is to copy the entire text through clipboard and paste it in MS Word. However, this cannot be converted back to PDF. Moreover, the entire formatting goes haywire in such methods. Alternatively, you can buy an expensive PDF editor (which might easily set you back by at least $100) and create, edit or convert MS-Word documents into PDFs. So is that the only legit option? No. The same results can be obtained without spending even a single penny. Wondering how? Follow the procedure given below -

Important - This method will work only if you are running a genuine copy of MS Office 2007.

Software and Links Required

  • Working internet connection
  • Freely available PDF reader (Adobe)
  • MS Word
  • Word to PDF add-on, which can be downloaded from
  • PDF to Word conversion websites - or

Step 1 - Download the Add-on

Click to go to Microsoft's website. Click on the download link there and download the add-on. Save it in a convenient location from where it can be found easily.

Step 2 - Install Add-on

Open the folder containing the downloaded file and double click on it to initiate installation. The procedure would get over within few seconds.

PDFTo Edit a PDF Document

Step 3 - Open One of the Free PDF Conversion Websites

Click on or to open one of the free PDF to Word conversion websites. On either of these websites follow the procedure as follows -

Click on Browse Select the File Covert Word

Step 4 - Download the Converted File

Either of the websites will take few seconds to convert the PDF file to Word file. Once the conversion is complete, a download link will appear. Simply click on that link to download the Word file.

Step 5 - Edit the File

The downloaded Word file will be an exact copy of the PDF file; only, it will be in Word format. Carry out the changes you want to. Addition/deletion of pictures or graphics, change of fonts can also be done at this stage.

Step 6 - Save as PDF Again

Once you are done editing the Word document, click on Office Button (Upper left hand side corner) -> Save AS - > PDF or XPS and save it at the desired location. A new PDF file will open automatically. If you still want to carry out few more changes, go to Step 3 and follow the procedures again.

For Creating PDF Documents

You also need not buy an expensive PDF creator for creating PDF documents. Simply create a document in Word as you wish and while saving it, save as PDF document. The information in this article has just saved at least $100 for you.

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