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Dated: Aug. 13, 2004

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Network Security

By Adam Fisher

This week we have been told by one of our good friends "Andi" that our previous article relating to the WORM Virus should never have been posted. It was titled, "America Fights Back - The Worm?" And in many ways we do agree. Our reasons are listed below:

  • Foremost, this trick/tip assumes that when the virus tries to send it self out to everyone in the address book, the mail client will falter on the bogus address and the attempt to send will fail. Of course, this assumes the virus intends to do a "send all" from the mail client in the first place. Most of the modern day viruses prefer to randomly select individual addresses or supplement the addresses with those found cached on the system. In fact, most of the new viruses bypass the mail client altogether and use their own SMTP engine to send their viral email. In other words, the tip will only be effective in limited cases.

This way, not only do the readers get a false sense of security but also pass bogus information to their friends and families. Not only were we wrong and admit, we request all our viewers to send in comments to our articles. You see there is no such thing as a "Know-It-All" and so we are all in a process of learning and gaining from each other's experience. 

This article is the first step to correct our mistake. The next step is to edit that previous article we mentioned above. Since these unintentional mistakes can happen often we feel its very helpful if we are contacted first and are made aware of these incidents.

Internet worm

Thank You,
Adam Fisher

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