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Dated: Nov. 06, 2013

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Business Network Design

SOHO networks most typically work with a few LAN's, and each of those LAN's is managed by their own router.

As you see a business growing, it is normal that their layout of networks grows with them. Companies that are placed in a few locations will create internal connections that are called campus networks if their buildings are close to each other and use WAN networks if they are more distant.

You will see more and more use of Wi-Fi access to local networks in companies, even though in some you will see wiring with really fast Ethernet.

Business Networks and the Internet

It is common for companies to allow the people who work for them to access the Internet while they are inside the network of that company. If this is the case they will usually use some sort of filter to limit Internet use (for example they won't allows workers to go to Facebook or certain pornographic sites). This feature can also be found on some domestic routers, but they are more often seen in big companies.

It is also possible for employees to use their companies network from their home or some other place like an Internet cafe. This is called remote access.

Business networks have huge numbers when it comes to uploads (the volume of data flow through the Internet). In domestic networks you will usually see much higher download rates but in business it is the other way around.Business networks

Intranets and Extranets

It is also possible for a company to create an internal Web server which allows sharing private data about the business with their workers. There is also something called IM, internal mails and a lot of other ways to do this. All these systems combined create something that is called business intranet. The information that is carried through Intranet is only viewable for those who have authorized access.

An extranet is pretty much the same thing, but it is used to exchange information between different companies. It is a bit more complicated than intranets. They are also called B2B networks.

Business Network Safety

The safety of the network is a huge deal in companies because they share private information which can endanger the company if it gets in the wrong hands.

Something called a centralized sing-on security system is what is used by companies for protection. In this way you must enter a password to gain access but the network also checks your computer internally for clues that will give you or deny you access. The passwords for these networks are always changed after a certain period of time because they have an expiration date. This aids security a lot. Visitors are allowed to use so called guest networks. If you use this you will be able to see some things but if something is protected or secret you will not be able to see it.

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