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Dated: Jan. 19, 2013

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Technological Advances

Already now we can take a look at what is in the period in front of us and try to predict what is waiting on the fields of new gadgets, computer technologies and consumer technology.

Counting down from 5 to 1:

5. The last train for Nokia, Blackberry and Yahoo!
Yesterdays giants are now trying to rediscover the way to profit. Will Nokia place all their eggs in Microsoft basket? What new things can the Blackberry (RIM) offer on the smartphone platform that has made their earlier concept obsolete. Can Yahoo become relevant again? We will find out all of that in the time in front of us.

4. Cloud Computing – Already a trend and yet to grow
Cloud has become not only reality, but a reality that is surprisingly easy to live in. Chrome OS and the Chrome browser with applications for all purposes has proven that you can enjoy computers with only one program installed – a browser (you don’t even need a hard drive).

Skydrive, Google Drive and Ubuntu are also getting importance. We can’t forget the leader – Dropbox.

IT trends3. ARM64 Revolution
ARM processors don’t stop surprising us with the speed they give to Tablets and phones, and from recently to Windows 8 devices. These processors, that are smaller and more efficient that the Intel and AMD X86 processors for PC’s, will start production in a 64 – bit version in the following year and will power everything from servers to personal computers.

2. A big leap with Haswell
Although the mentioned ARM64 processors endanger the normal processors, Intel will continue to make an effort to provide with more efficient and powerful CPU’s. The transition to the next generation will be the biggest improvement since the Nehalem (2008), because it is transitioning to 22nm, and there will be a thunderbolt connection introduced, a DDR4 controler on some models and lots more.

1. Tablets, Tablets, Tablets...
In developed countries over 20% of young people own a Tablet, in comparison to the 5% at the beginning of 2011. Tablets have become mainstream, but not because they are beautiful or modern, it is because the operating systems, especially Android 4, are getting better by the moment – and most importantly, the prices are falling.

A good tablet today costs less than a cell phone today. So, today you can buy an Android 4 Tablet with an ARM 9 processor, screen resolution of 1024×768 and all connections for only a 150 euros in Europe or a top notch Nexus 7 with tuned up Android, 32 GB memory and a Tegra 3 processors for only 300 euros. Even better, the price of the Asus Transformer has been lowered to only 300 euros. Considering that that device has supreme hardware, like an 8 Mpx camera.

Tablets have made the top of the wish lists almost for every the New Year.

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