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Dated: Sep. 10, 2012

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Do you often feel tethered to your home computer or other electronic devices? Tired of the endless cords to untangle under your office desk? Then it's time to go completely wireless! It's easier than ever to live a completely wireless lifestyle, thanks to innovations in the consumer and business electronics industries. Review some of the latest gadgets and services that will have you free-wheeling it in no time.

Staying Connected with Mobiles

The world has exploded with limitless mobile devices that run the gamut from simple wireless phones to state-of-the-art tablet computers, all powered by advanced lithium ion battery technology for hours of use. For the best experience, choose mobile devices that combine powerful applications all on one compact unit like the iPhone generation 4 and Samsung's new line up of Galaxy smart phones. Shop around for the best mobile service plans from the big name providers and very often you can score a mobile device for a lot less than paying retail, with a no frills service contract. Use your mobile devices to stay connected with your networks on social media, using video conferencing and more.

Wi-Fi Work ArrangementsWireless

Like to take your work on the road? Then having access to a stable Internet connection is key for remote working. Select a high speed Internet service provider for your home office to connect all your devices securely. Then when you have to travel, use a mobile router to create your own Wi-Fi for up to 5 users at once. This makes for interesting team meetings and convenient group sharing when you need to get out of the office.

Working wirelessly makes good sense financially too, as there are many low cost phone and video conferencing services available via wireless technology, like Skype. Use your mobile phone to capture meeting notes, accept customer payments, and even process your payroll anywhere you go.

Streaming Entertainment

If you are a major movie or music junkie, or just like to have something to keep your mind active, then wireless streaming is the way to experience all your favorite media. Upgrade your old cable box for a completely wireless video streaming unit from Roku that allows you to order channels on-demand, many of which are free. Or log into your Amazon app on your mobile device, choose a movie or song list, make a small payment and stream your video live to your HDTV or laptop in seconds. Try Pandora for free streaming music anytime you need a beat to groove to. For the best quality, make sure you have a high speed Internet service delivered via Wi-Fi into your entertainment space.

No More Plug-in Charging

By using a new breed of mobile device chargers that harness electricity with metal contacts rather than traditional outlets, all of your mobile technology can be ready for on-the-go fun. Many are available with solar panels for earth-friendly energy. The best part is that wireless charging mats have become more efficient, therefore the cost has gone down since their introduction. You can also charge several devices at once to maximize their use. No home or office should be without wireless chargers these days.

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