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Dated: Apr. 19, 2013

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Keyboards haven’t been the privilege of only computers for a long time now because they can be used on tablets, phones, laptops, smart TV’s, etc. Most devices we have today have some sort of wireless connection. Logitech offered a solution to the market that can be connected through bluetooth with three different devices. This keyboard not only simultaneously can serve a Tablet, HTPC and a desktop, but it also has background lighting, an integrated battery with solid autonomy and dimensions small enough you can carry it in a backpack. Did this catch your attention?

Logitech K810

Just by looking at the packaging it is clear what type of keyboard it is. According to the dimension of the package it is obviously a mini keyboard, and the same thing can be said based on the mass. Also, a picture is worth a thousand words, so if you are making a decision in a store, you can find out a lot without unpacking it.
Logitech states that the main advantages of the K810 are the background lighting, the integrated battery, the bluetooth connection and its easy transferring from device to device. The manufacturer says that this keyboard is ideal for all that can connect to a Tablet, PC, smartphone, etc. On the backside you have all the possibilities described in detail, and it is not hard to conclude that Logitech has faith in the quality of manufacturing that characterizes the K810. The extra equipment is based on two points. The first one is a short  manual that will not teach you anything new. In essence if you ever connected any bluetooth device (mouse, keyboard, etc.) nothing that is in the manual will be strange to you. Also, a USB cable is delivered when you get the keyboard that is used to charge the keyboard. You have probably noticed that we didn’t mention a receiver. Exactly, Logitech left it out on purpose, but honestly we can’t see that as an advantage. Simply, while most tablets, laptops and smartphones have an integrated bluetooth, that can’t be said for most desktop computers. Besides that, the K810 is not cheap, so by adding the BT receiver you add to the existing price, and that is not something you want. Still, if you get through this point, you will find a lot of things that are good, because in our opinion the K810 looks really nice and neat. While beauty is a very subjective matter, the quality of manufacturing can’t be part of a debate. Mostly the chosen material is brushed aluminum which is nice, and with that it guarantees you firmness in a certain amount. A part is covered with black plexiglass that adds a touch of elegance and makes this keyboard pretty attractive. It is really nice to see it on a desk, whether you are fond of these or some other models.
Logitech K810 keyboardThe keys are plastic and far better than what we have seen in the K750 and K800. First of all they look stronger and tougher, but in the same time the feel better. The marking are laser made, so they won’t scrape or fade away in time. The spacing between the keys is just right so you don’t make typing mistakes, but also not to big to make you tired. We also like the “Enter”, “Backspace”, and “Shift” keys that have large dimensions. Of course, as the surface is pretty small, typing is still bring certain compromises. First of all, there is no hand rest, no numeric part, and certain functions are accessed through combinations of keys. Still, Logitech has used that small space well and combined the keys so that they are very comfortable to use. The keyboard is very quiet, but also accurate and although there is no distinctive click, we can’t complain about the keyboard recall. Simply, the typing is comfortable, accurate and quiet, which is everything you would want from this keyboard. Although it is small, working with two hands is simple and you have enough room, but the only thing you miss after long hours of work is the hand rest. Of course, you can always take care of that yourself if you are expecting a longer work session.

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