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Dated: Sep. 29, 2005

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Search Engine Optimization

More and more companies are beginning to understand the importance of expert search engine optimization in their overall marketing efforts. It is typically harder for them to understand, however, why the discipline requires an ongoing effort for long-term success. Companies often fear that they are paying ongoing fees for one-time work, and, unfortunately, these fears are often justified. Many so-called "expert" search engine optimization companies charge setup fees, then add on steep ongoing fees, when in reality the work for the campaign was done up front, and the "ongoing" component consists of running a simple ranking report every month and dressing it up for the client. Fees for these reports can be thousands of dollars, making it potentially the highest margin business since the repeated sale of the Brooklyn Bridge.

In reality, expert search engine optimization really is an ongoing process. It is a process of honing and refining while simultaneously expanding. It is a process of protecting and bolstering while also minimizing the risk of setback. Recurring costs for search engine optimization should go primarily toward increasing the value of the campaign over time not maintaining the status quo, or, worse yet, simply reporting on the state of the union.

Ongoing Management

Enter Campaign Expansion

Quality optimization providers put the launch of an expert search engine optimization campaign in the proper context as the beginning of the data collection and campaign refinement process. The purpose of the data collection is to see what is working and what is not, and to expand the campaign in a more targeted direction. There are numerous benefits to this approach:

The "freshness" factor: Search engines are interested in "fresh content� to the point where they often give newer pages a temporary ranking boost in search engine results. Engines seem to have a disdain for stagnant websites. The underlying logic of the engine algorithm makers is that if a website has not been updated in quite some time, the content must surely be dated, or, at the very least, not the newest available information. Websites that are updated more frequently are placed in higher regard as a primary reason why industry portals, with their rapidly updating content, often dominate search results for competitive terms. Moreover, the engines visit frequently updated websites more often. This means new pages will be included in search results more quickly.

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