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Dated: Aug. 13, 2004

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By Najmi

Information has been recognized as the cornerstone of our age, and today, there is simply no excuse for not having the right kind of information. This is because of the advent of that vast interlinked network of computers, the Internet, into our daily lives.

Thus, while, even a few years ago, doing a research project meant spending tedious hours pouring through journals and books in a musty library, today, it simply means going to your nearest internet center, and plucking out the required information, as almost every thing can be found on internet today! It is not just researchers who benefit as every one can take advantage of this pole of information that is available at one's fingertip.

However, there are millions of websites on the Internet, and it is almost impossible to know where to start looking. Impossible that is unless one uses a Search Engine. A search engine is in simple words a website providing a list of other websites that contain the information you desire, based on the key words you specify.

The first option is to choose which search engine to use. In this regard there is a clear winner Google that has been voted numerous times on Internet as the best Search engine. To access , simply type Other good engines are , accessible at and  at

Search engines Google AOL Yahoo

Once you get to the search engine you have to specify "search parameters" or "keywords". These have to be chosen with care because if makes the search engine simply looks for web pages that contain those exact words you type in.

Also if you are looking for a phrase, or a name or any thing else where the words are in sequence, then you will get more specific and relevant matches. You can do that by typing the phrase in quotes. To illustrate a search on Google: Lever Brothers - might throw up the sites having the following lines "The Wright Brothers managed to lever their technical skills into a profitable business". On the other hand if you put those words in quotes like "Lever Brothers" you would get the pages contained the mentioned two words in exact order. Thereby, you would get list of pages that would refer to the consumer products giant. If you want to find their financial results, you could search further, and enter "Lever Brothers" " Financial results".

Another invaluable tip on search engines is the cache. A cache can be explained in terms of photographic record of the content of Web page that was accessed some time ago. What the search engine effectively does is take snap shot of the contents of the page and store it. This is invaluable, if the site is regularly updated, and information that was there last week has been replaced by other content. When you search through Google, each result has a small link at bottom, titled Cached. This is the page that search engine has accessed and displayed.

For instance if a news paper article is cached, then clicking on the main link only will take you to present day's edition paper, which will not having anything on the subject. However if you click on Cache, it will show you a photo of result it got at the time it found it, and you can access the article this way. This is particularly good for researchers, who often find that a particular page does not exist any more because it has been altered or removed totally.

To conclude it is useful to remember that no single Search engine can claim to cover the Internet completely, so it is always a good idea to use two or three search engines. This will ensure a greater range of results, and is more likely to produce the information you desire.

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