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Dated: Mar. 16, 2012

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Network Security

Some of us here at TW were going over the recent IT News headlines when something caught our attention. The title read ""; and the reason it caught our attention was due to our own recent experience of security breach. As many of you know, on the early portion of January, our website was hacked. And our own pages were made to redirect traffic to some Russian website. Although, as furious as we were at the people involved, there was also a glimmer of respect due to the cleverness of the attack.

However, when 40% of the US Govt.'s own websites fail security tests, there is no sense of respect there but a shear lack thereof. The article mainly talks about DNS Security Extension (DNSSEC) which is an added security measure to DNS. However, DNSSEC itself is not the only method to be implemented by far.

But it's a start!

Government Web Sites Fail

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