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Dated: Mar. 16, 2013

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Microsoft Power Point is a powerful program that enables you to present information and your ideas in an interesting and effective way. In the following text you will find tips on how to make an interesting Power Point presentation and how to present it to the audience.

How to Make a Power Point Presentation

  1. Be as accurate as possible. During the making of your Power Point presentation it is desirable to use less words. On the other hand, it is necessary to include important details and give the audience enough information so they know what you are talking about. Adapt the size of your presentation to the age and profile of the average member of the audience. It is important to avoid to long presentations.
  2. Research the audience. This can be one of the most important steps in creating an effective Power Point presentation. Prepare the presentation so that it fits the crowd. For example, the executive board will expect a brief, professional presentation while school children need a graphically attractive and interesting presentation.
  3. Use animation and graphic effects cleverly. Images can be extremely important in the process of accepting information. Graphic elements that you can use during the creation of your presentation can be found on the Internet, on various sites. Make sure that the images that you use fit the circumstances, unless you want to be funny, which can also be a good way to make the presentation interesting.
  4. Use the fitting graphic style and design of the pages. If you need inspiration, look at professionally designed pallets of color and complementary colors in nature. Stick with readable fonts, but experimentation is ok to make a fresh look. Remember that words and information can be arranged in countless ways in the slide. 
  5. Create links to video clips or sites from the Internet. Depending on what equipment you have during the presentation you can link video clips, pictures, articles etc. Directly in your slide. Before you begin with the presentation, check if you have a stable Internet connection and the necessary equipment to reproduce sound.
  6. Structure your presentation. Organize it in a logical manner. In the beginning of the presentation have content that will enable the audience to gain a wider picture of what you will cover with your presentation. This gives information to audience about what they can expect.
  7. Practice your presenting. Make sure that you sound natural, it is important that the audience gets the feeling that you really know what you are talking about. You should be able to answer possible questions about the topic in your presentation. 
  8. Show interest during the presentation so the audience understands about what they should be interested. Use facts to back up your claims.
  9. Dress properly. The audience will be looking at you the whole time. Try to make eye contact with the every part of the audience individually.
  10. Be energetic and dynamic. If it is possible, walk in front of the audience and use body language. This will help you to relax a bit.
AdviceMake a Power Point presentation
  • Prepare a plan B. If the Internet connection fails or some other problem happens, be ready for it.
  • If you are able to, get a presenter. It will make your job easier during the presentation as you won’t be bound to the computer.
  • Don’t look at the floor or the ceiling, don’t snap your finger, it will make you look insecure and unreliable.

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